StarBeam Season 2: Release Date and More!

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An animated series of original Netflix youngsters, StarBeam, is a production by Loris Lunsford and Jason Netter. It is one of the few famous American, kid’s genre series on Netflix that was premiered on its original network on April 4, 2020. This famous web series has a story focused on Zoey, who is a little superpowered girl. This series’ production company is Kickstart Productions and its composer is Jim Latham. Created by Jason Netter, Loris Lunsford, and Heather Puttock, this show has achieved commendable progress in just four months.

StarBeam ‘s country origin is the United States, and the show that was developed was made in the same nation. The series was originally developed in English and is presumably available in other languages on Netflix with subtitles. Johnny Darrell directs the film, and its producer is the same as an original network, i.e., Netflix. One of the common aspects of this show is its music theme, the song “StarBeam Theme,” written by Kathryn Rende, who with his cutting edge season has been an important part of this series.

Release Date

Following the release of this series’ brand new and high season, the fan’s handiest leave demand was whether or not the show might have a 2nd season. But, seeing how this series is an original Netflix and speaking of Netflix’s past the Renewing its Shows preview, it has now been less clear as to when the coming season will be released.

Even, seeing how the announcement and conclusion of this show’s first season had only happened 3 months before, it was too early to expect anything. So, to bring clarity in the viewers’ minds to those doubts and confusion. The arrival of StarBeam’s second season has been confirmed officially by Netflix.

The assurance that this superb showcase is approaching any other season becomes completely a reliance on superb joy for its fans. The upcoming season will also be directed by the show’s producer of the past season, and the show’s creators, Loris Lunsford and Jason Netter will include almost the same crew that worked in StarBeam’s past season as it is clearly reported by a few assets that the display is below neath improvement.

No more details about the upcoming season were made until June of this year when it was announced that the second season’s final start date had been extended. It is expected to be released on September 8, 2020. The arrival of another season of this mind-blowing show was definitely a matter of considerable enthusiasm for its viewers, who are mostly teenagers.

Although bearing in mind the ongoing pandemic situation of COVID-19 and that the show is currently under development, it can be expected that the expected arrival date of StarBeam’s second season will be, However, if the production and editing of the second season continue as it has been since the last few months, the show will presumably stick to its announcement and the series will air its second season in September. So the fans hope for the best and are looking forward to the start of the coming season.


Here’s a list of all the voice casts we’ll be seeing in StarBeam season 2:

  • Nahanni Mitchell as Zoey
  • Dean Petriw as Henry
  • Terry Klassen
  • Sam Vincent
  • Rhona Rees
  • Diana Kaarina


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