“Baby Driver 2” Being Released? We Extract The Details.

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The audience was in fascination when the movie Baby Driver made its debut on the big screens. An instant hit, the movie was a fan favorite in the instant it made it to the theatres. The story composition and coordination are all done by the talented and reputated Edgar Wright. The production of the movie comes under the expert supervision of Nira Park just as Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. The reception of the movie was warm and positive with fans loving it in the first watch. The movie’s performance was globally intriguing whereas it also made to the selection list of the Academy Awards. Well, it is also speculation of many that a sequel, Baby Driver 2 is in the works.

Source: Screen Daily

Well, Are We Going To See “Baby Driver 2”?

Back in 2019, the talented and amazing Ansel Elgort affirmed this news. Ansel Elgort is the lead role in Baby Driver. He is the star of the movie, receiving much fame and recognition from the release. The actor gave the confirmation back in 2019 that the shooting for the new installment is happening. People are still wondering about the release date which is unavailable. Also, the actor says that the movie will have an entirely different title. The movie won’t be given the name, Baby Driver 2. It will have an alternate title.

What Do The Film Makers Have To Say About This?

The coronavirus pandemic has an effect on everyone. Moviemakers are no exception. Many movies and series production are on hold. But, it is clear that the creator is willing to make a sequel. Hence, we can say that after the pandemic situation gets stable, the production should resume soon. The moment Edgar Wright got the slightest hint of a considerable plot for the sequel, he signaled that he’ll soon come up with a sequel. The thing is that we can only speculate until any further news is heard from the filmmaker. But, surely we are getting a sequel and we can expect the big reveal anytime soon.

Source: New Statesman

Well, for now, the only thing we as an audience can do is wait. There is no cap in the waiting period but, we have hope. Edgar is a very hard-working filmmaker and if has made up his mind, he will create a sequel. We also hope to see Lily James back in the movie along with Ansel Elgort and also, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey and other major actors.

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