LetterKenny Season 7: Know All About The Season When It Became Hulu Original!

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Letterkenny Season 7 debuted on 11th October 2019. The show debuted as Hulu Original in this season. Hulu acquired the exclusive rights of the show for all its future and past seasons. The season aired on Hulu on 14th October 2019.

The show is a Canadian sitcom that first premiered in February 2016. The show originally began as a Youtube web series called Letterkenny Problems. The series later got commissioned as television series in the year 2015. Jared Keeso is the creator of the show. Keeso and Jacob Tierney are the writers of the show. Tierney also directs the show.

The Release Date of Letterkenny Season 7

Season 7 of the show was premiered in October 2019. Bell Media announced the debut date of the season on 5th June 2019. This season marked the first where the show was aired as Hulu Original. The network does not have a direct creative right in the show but it has exclusive U.S. streaming rights for its future episodes. The partnership with Hulu begun in 2018.

The Plot of the Series

Letterkenny Season 7
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The show revolves around the residents of a small rural community Letterkenny in Ontario. The show is loosely based on Jared Kisso’s hometown in Ontario. It focuses on siblings Wayne and Katy. They run a small farm and produce stand with help from Daryl and Squirrelly Dan. It also focuses on ice hockey players Reilly and Jonesy. They are in an on and off polyamorous relationship with Katy. The episodes of the series deal with small-town life amongst different types of people.

Season 7 focused on the Hicks (the farmers) and trace them putting on an agricultural call-in show.

The Cast of the Show

The cast of the show includes Jared Keeso as Wayne, Nathan Dales as Daryl, Michelle Mylett as Katy, Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan, Dylan Playfair as Reilly, Andrew Herr as Jonesy, Tyler Johnston as Stewart, Alexander De Jordy as Devon, Dan Petronijevic as McMurray. The show also features Melanie Scrofano as Mrs. McMurray, Jacob Tierney as Glen, Lisa Codrington as Gail, Kaneihtiio Hom as Tanis, Evan Stern as Roald, Mark Forward as Coach, Sarah Gadon as Gae, and Kamilla Kowal as Bonnie McMurray.

The show has a huge fan following. Some of the dialogues of the show have also gone viral online. The show is very popular and has even won the Best Comedy Series at the 5th Canadian Screen Awards in the year 2017. The show is marvelously goofy, strange, simple, and delightful.

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