India Becoming The New Virus Epicenter Of The World Amidst Coronavirus

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India becoming the new virus epicenter of the world amidst coronavirus. It sets a record for the biggest one day rise in cases. Besides, experts feel that if it carries on like this we will soon surpass Brazil. Also, the outbreak in India is so concerning that we can even defeat the United States. The US has the worst hit of coronavirus so far. This Sunday 78, 761 cases join the addition. This is the maximum that the country reports in a day. By Monday there were 971 deaths. This pushes the Asian nation to record the third-highest number of death globally. Experts say that at the current trajectory India will beat Brazil in a week and the Us in about two months.

India, The New Virus Epicenter

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Corona cases rising in India. Image Source:

The situation is very alarming and concerning at the same time. It feels like no one will be spared from the wrath of the coronavirus. However, India’s rise in cases is still accelerating unlike Brazil and the USA. On January 30, the nation receives its first corona case. And ever since then the number keeps on increasing. It has been seven months and there is no relief in the situation yet. After racing its way through China, Italy, and The United States, it finally penetrates the Asian country. It hits the vast rural hinterland with a population of 1.3 billion. Being the second-largest country in the world, corona probably finds a home in India. As per Naman Shah, India’s outbreak becomes the world’s largest due to its poor public health system. Shah is a faculty member at the National Institute of Epidemiology. He says, “It would not be surprising regardless of what India does”.

The novel coronavirus poses a unique weakness towards poor countries. Just like the Philippines and Peru, the densely packed slums are most ideal for the virus to spread. Millions of citizens live in these areas. However, lockdown as the only means of containing the virus is becoming intolerable for them. Besides in the more developed countries, economies are forcefully opening up. Despite the coronavirus going rampant in these countries, they are more concerned about their economy. Underfunded hospitals are quickly overwhelming due to this.

The Rising Concern

Rich search results on Google when searched for "India Becoming The New Virus Epicenter"
The rising concern. Image Source: The Financial Express

The novel coronavirus races from rich to poor countries after causing thousands of death worldwide. However, the plight of the developing countries has a grave effect on the Indians. After two months there was a relaxation in the lockdown. This is because, starvation, joblessness, and the plight of workers on foot were unbearable. Narendra Modi, the Prime ministers counsels his citizens to “live with the virus”. The Indian economy contacts to 18% this June. It is more than any other Asian country.

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