American Horror Story Season 10: Will Productions Resume? Release Date, Story, Theme And More

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Fans are eagerly waiting for American Horror Story season 10. However, it seems like they have to wait a little longer than usual. The show airs on FX Network. It is a mini-series in itself that follows different settings and set of characters. Each storyline also has a beginning, middle, and end. Moreover, some of the stories also take inspiration from true events. The show first came out on October 5, 2011. It consists of 12 episodes. Ever since the airing of the first season, it garners much love and appreciation from the fans. Besides, due to a loyal fanbase, the show runs for successfully 9 seasons. However, the creators are also planning a milestone installment for us. The cast of the show is stellar and we also see them in more than one season. Considering season 10 as a possibility, here is everything we know about the upcoming season. Keep on reading to find out more.

American Horror Story Season 10 Latest Updates

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The image of teeth by Ryan Murphy. Image Source: Metro

The show just gets a big update and we bet it is a good one. Ryan Murphy, the creator and showrunner posts a picture of some teeth with a caption. He says,

“It looks like American Horror Story is all set for season 10. The production launch will be in October. We thank everyone who is working hard for the safe start of the crew and cast. And yes this is definitely a clue”.

We have seen ghosts, clowns, aliens, evil Nazi doctors and so much more. The show never fails to surprise us. Therefore we expect this season will also continue the legacy. Maybe we will see dentists or vampires this time. The promotional picture shows hands crawling out of the sea. However, seeing this many expect that the sirens of Greek mythology might be the theme. Besides Murphy signs a deal with Netflix and a few years back. So he is pretty busy with that venture and there are no more updates on the show as of now.

Release Date

Rich search results on Google when searched for "American Horror Story season 10"
American Horror story season 10 coming soon. Image Source: Fotogramas

The show was all set to premiere in the fall of 2020. However, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, all productions are currently on hold. However, Murphy announces that the productions will begin in October this season. So we can expect the show to hit us once things get normal. Besides, in May 2020, FX announces that the show will premiere in 2021. So it is a long wait before we see our favorite show and cast return.

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