Pokemon Journeys Season 2: When will it Premiere?

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A Japanese animated web series “Pokemon Journeys” is coming back with its second season. The cartoon show is everyone’s favourite and from the television, it is coming now on the streamer Netflix. The show is an absolute love for everyone and there is no doubt that anyone can escape its magic. The show relieved a huge amount of viewership and appreciations from everyone. After all, who doesn’t love animations?

After the first season now fans are eagerly waiting for its second season to hit the screens. Therefore, we are here with everything you need to know about the upcoming second season. Let’s take a dive in and have a quick look at everything we have gathered up for you.

Pokemon Journeys Season 2: When is the release happening?

Pokemon Season 2

What’s on Netflix

The first season of the show premiered on 17th November 2019 and it came on Netflix on 12th June 2020. The time gap was long but it didn’t become a barrier in the viewership of the show. The show is now settled on Netflix USA and all the fans are happy to stream the initial series of episodes of the show.

The producers are prepared for the next season but the global corona virus pandemic has made things uncertain. As for now, there are no official announcements about the release date of the second season. Though, we can expect the season to arrive in 2021.

Pokemon Journeys Season 2: Who all are in for the cast?

There is no information available about the cast of the second season. But we can expect the whole cast of the first season is expected to reprise their roles in the second season as well.

Pokemon Journeys Season 2: What will be the plotline?

The plot of the show revolves around Ash Ketchum and Goh’s adventures as they travel through the eight areas of the Pokémon franchise. The show is popular among all the age groups it doesn’t matter if you are a 5 year old or 50. Once you watch it you are going to fall in love with it.

The storyline of the second season has not been revealed yet. We need to wait for the producers to come up with something.

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