The Alienist Season 3: Cast, Synopsis, and Other Pivotal Updates

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The Alienist is an American thriller, crime, and mystery period drama. It is based on the book ‘The Angel of Darkness’. It was released back in 1984. The previous two seasons of the Alienist have gathered a massive fan base. This show was well received by both the viewers and the critics. It is also a psychological thriller. Viewers loved the show because of the twisted psychological and intriguing plot. Additionally, the character development was interesting and mystic. Here is all that you need to know regarding The Alienist Season 3.

Synopsis of The Alienist Season 3:

The plot of the Alienist is set back in the New York of 1896. Showing both the extreme poverty as well as the opulent Victorian society. A team is called upon the investigation of a serial killer. The killer is responsible for the murder of street children and also for boy prostitutes. The Alienist also include Theodore Roosevelt.

The Cast And The Stars Of The Alienist Season 3:

 So far no hints have been dropped by the creators regarding the star cast. But fans can expect the most of the cast of previous seasons will appear again. Here is the expects cast of the Alienist Season 3:
  • Laszlo Kreizler played by Daniel Bruhl
  • John Moore played by Luke Evans
  • Marcus Isaacson played by Douglas Smith
  • Lucius Isaacson played by Matthew Shear
  • Sara Howard played by Dakota Fanning

The Alienist Season 3
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Will There Be A New Season Of The Show?

The latest seasons of the Victorian age drama has clutched fans into its grip. The latest season showed Dr. Laszlo solving a new case. Now that the show is finally heading towards the conclusion, fans are eagerly waiting for some news. As for now, there is no official notification regarding either the cancellation or renewal of the show. But we can see that there is some buzz going around regarding the same. Like Evans who portrays John Moore, in a recent interview said,
“They all have the potential to carry a storyline again, further and further – some other story, some other plot, some other twist, some other murder, some other sinister subject matter.”
As well as, creators don’t have to work about the content for the new season. As the story is based on a series of books by Caleb Carr. The third book of the series was recently published in New York City.

When Can We Expect The New Season?

Considering the fact that there are no official announcements, we can’t say much. Also now that the novel coronavirus has led to the shutdown of major projects, we can not expect filming to resume again. Not to forget that was a gap of two years between season 1 and 2. So if the shows follow the same route, The Alienist season 3 might take longer than expected.

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