Will you have a chance to watch Reprisal Season 2 on Hulu?

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Reprisal Season 2 on Hulu, is a season fans are eagerly waiting for. The reason is the amazing cast and plot of the show. The series is a hyper-kinetic revenge tale on Hulu. The drama series premiered on December 6, 2019. The show is about a fearless female victim, who after being left for dead, leads a vengeful campaign. She strives on a journey to take her revenge against a gang of gearheads. The first season gave the action, adventure, and suspense. The show came from the mind of The Handmaid’s Tale‘s executive producer, Warren Littlefield.

The first season gained a rating of 7.5 on IMDb and 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics described the show as poetic without purpose. However, the fans loved the show for how it delivered a set mood in every scene. No scene felt bland. The marvelous rendition of Dottie or Doris is done by Abigail Spencer, whom people loved dearly in the show. This all adds up to the curiosity which stings people in the back of their heads. Hence, we will move forward to deliver the news about Reprisal season 2 on Hulu.

Reprisal season 2 on Hulu
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Will we see Reprisal season 2 on Hulu?

Reprisal premiered on Hulu in 2019 with ten episodes, each of 41-57 minutes. People are waiting to know whether they will get Reprisal Season 2 on Hulu in December 2020. However, Hulu does not think the same. We hate to break it to you guys, but it seems like the producers have already brought their money out of the show. In April 2020, the actress, Madison Davenport took to her Instagram account to give the news. You can read the sad news here on the post below.

So, looks like Reprisal will not reprise at all.

Who will star in Reprisal season 2 on Hulu?

Reprisal season 2 on Hulu cast
Reprisal Season 2 on Hulu Cast– Source: Pinterest

If we got another season to this epic revenge tale, we would have seen the same faces. We would have seen Abigail Spencer as Katherine Harlow/ Doris Quinn, Rodrigo Santoro as Joel Kelly, Mena Massoud as Ethan Hart. We can’t forget Madison Davenport as Meredith Harlow, David Dastmalchian as Johnson, and Craig Tate as Earl. The cast of the show proved themselves as outstanding actors. If not in reprisal Season2 on Hulu, we are sure to catch them in their new venues.

The plot of the second season

The show displayed some pretty dark themes. It had guns, violence, drugs, blood, and sinister plots. the first season took us to a world that men rule over. Moreover, there is violence and betrayal at every turn. It is a story of a phoenix rising from ashes, literally. She changed her identity and she is no longer Katherine but Dorris. She teamed up with Ethan to take her revenge against the gang who left her tied to die.

In the season’s ending, she finally killed Burt. However, even after she won her vengeance, she still doesn’t have anything. It showed that the characters in the end are just scattered, living their lives vicariously. If we have gotten Reprisal season 2 on Hulu, we expect to have seen some more moral grounds touched. As, the showrunner, Josh Corbin said, “The difference between good and evil is a blurred line. It makes you think ‘I don’t know how I feel about that’.”


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