Locked Up Season 6 : Is It Canceled?

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Every fan of the Spanish web series Locked Up wants to know that their show is coming or not. They want to know if the series is coming with the next season or not. As we Locked Up Season 6 is the next season of the show. And it’s fate is currently dangling with a thread. Because it is in the wind that the Locked Up Season 6 is not coming. The long-running show is going off-air.

So here is every detail regarding the season 6 of the Locked Up. It’s fate, it’s cancellation, and the reason of cancellation. So read here to know everything.

Is Locked Up Season 6 Is Canceled?

Locked Up Season 6
Locked Up

Unfortunately, there is no fixed news regarding the cancellation of the Locked Up after season fifth. Yeah, it is in the wind that makers are planning to scrap up the show after season 5. But they haven’t announced anything. There is a 50-50 chance that anything can happen. So keep hoping that makers decide to keep the show running for some extra season.

Release Date Of The Locked Up Season 5

Locked Up Season 5 release
Locked Up Season 5

The Locked season 5, it’s spin-off season is already released. It landed on the screen on 31st July 2020. And is available on Netflix for binge-watching. It received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. But overall got a good response.

But after the release of season 5, season 6 release and making is in question. A question for which there is no answer at the moment. But worry not we will soon get to you with the confirm news about the fate of the season 6 of the Spanish Drama series Locked Up. Till then keep reading.

Locked Up Plot And Detail

Locked Up Plot and Release
Locked Up Plot

As from the name of the show, Locked Up is a show based on the surrounding of a prison. It is a show revolving around’s a lot of women. In fact, we can easily say that the Locked Up is a women-centric drama. But the characters are the criminals locked up in the prison.

Show lead protagonist was a woman, who was after being manipulated by her boyfriend was landed in the prison. The Locked Up shows her journey, her survivor in the prison. How does she learn to survive among the dangerous criminals? In conclusion, it is a show worth giving a try. So go give it a try on Netflix and keep reading.




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