The Venture Bros Season 8 : Is The Show Cancelled?

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The Venture Bros is an American animated web series. Christopher McCulloch is the creator of the show. The show premiered on 7th August 2004, on Adult Swim Shows. adult Swims Show is the late-night programming block on Cartoon Network.

It is one of the most popular shows and so far has been running for more than seven seasons. The seventh season ended on 7th October 2018. The production is gearing up for the release of its eighth season for which the fans have been waiting for a long time.

Release Date of The Venture Bros Season 8

The show will be back for its eighth run but there are no announcements regarding the release date of the comic series as of yet. There is also no news on the commencement of the production of the show. We can safely place our bets on the show’s premiere to be either by the end of 2020 or by early 2021.

The Possible Plot of the Venture Bros Season 8

The series follows the lives and adventures of the Venture Family. The web series is a mixture of various homages and references. The opening of the show showed a parody of Jonny Quest and showed glimpses of several influencers.

The plot of season 8 though not confirmed but will definitely be worth the wait. The show expects to earn a positive response from fans across the globe. The same was the case with the series’ predecessor seasons. The reason for the show’s popularity is the references from older comics from the early 60s era. Each comic is software made rather than hand-drawn. The show has a nostalgic look that woes the audience.

The Cast of the Show

The Venture Bros Season 8
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The voice cast of this show includes

The characters of the show take inspiration from characters of Johnny Quest, comic book superheroes and supervillains, and other famous and popular figures.

The series has ranked 56th on the IGN Best 100 Animated Series list. In the year 2013, IGN placed the show on the 12th position on their Top 25 animated series for adults list. The show has also been compared to the largely popular and well-loved show The Simpsons. The two shows hold the same optimism and show great comedy. The Varner Bros is considered one of the funniest contemporary shows.

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