“Gibiate Episode 8”: Coming Soon, What To Expect?

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Gibiate is a Japanese anime series that is under the production of Yoshitaka Amano. The series is under the direction of Masahiko Komino and is the script of Ryō Aoki. Gibiate first came on the screens on July 15, 2020. It got attention worldwide because of its relevancy and relatability. In these times when people are suffering and fighting this coronavirus situation, people relate to Gibiate. The next episode in the series, Episode 8, is coming out soon.

Plot Of “Gibiate Episode 8”:

The series is about how in 2030, a virus termed as “Gibia” has spread across Japan. This virus turns people into monsters on the basis of their sex, age, and race. It is very similar to the coronavirus situation the world is facing right now. Well, in about 4 weeks more, the anime would get its last episode and round up its current storyline. In the previous episode, we can see how Ayama saves Kathleen from these monsters. Then Hatonami Ayama talks about her past.

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She reveals that her father is of Japanese origin and her mother is Chinese. Her parents have been living separately for years. Ayama knew the art of Chinese martial arts from the owner of a restaurant where she worked earlier. Her parents never got married as the father was a Yakuza who decides to one day become a cop. Kathleen encountered a Meteora when were getting chased by some thugs seeking supplies. In a long battle with this Meteora, the monster was defeated. But, in the battle, Kathleen’s mother succumbed to the infection of Gibia.

“Gibiate Episode 8”: What About The Release?

The series is based on this girl, Kathleen, who is seeking to end this menacing disease by finding a cure. The disease took her mother and she seeks revenge by finding this cure. Gibiate season 2 is soon getting its release on 3rd September 2020. This episode would give the new insight to the series and take this story forward. At around 10:00 PM JST, the Episode would be airing on our screen devices soon.

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Gibiate follows a very unique style for releasing its episodes. The series release every new week, a new episode on Wednesday. This Wednesday too, we are getting one episode. Right now, we can only guess what the show creators have up in their sleeves. The concept of the show is new and fans are waiting for the next episodes in the line. The series is new and when given some time, it would surely achieve success in the longer run.

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