The Razer Blade Pro 17: Best Gaming Laptop Out There!

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With the changing times, the need for technology is also changing. People want everything in its advanced form. Everything better than others. They want every latest technology. The Razer blade pro 17 is one the changing times advance Gaming laptop. When everyone started using laptops at first, they were using it for work. But now everything is for the multipurpose. And Razer blade 17 pro is just that laptop. It is recently launched the best gaming laptop out there.

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  • Features of the Razer blade pro 17 laptop
  • Specification, price, and drawbacks

Features Of The Razor Blade Pro 17 Laptop

Razer blade pro 17 2020
Razer blade pro 17

The Razor blade pro is coming with a lot of amazing features for the customers. Yeah, it has many advanced features in its closet.

  • It has the limits and features of a gaming laptop. It is built with a powerful processor performance demanding AAA games on the go.
  • Razer blade pro performs better than its predecessor by harnessing the power of ray tracing technology and Al, the NVIDIA Ge Force RTX graphics.
  • It has a maximum display of 17.3 integrated with a Full HD and UHD screen.
  • The Razor Blade Pro comes with advanced connectivity.
  • It has a maximum vapor chamber cooling process.
  • It has Aluminum Unibody, which protects it from the additional scratches.

This new Razor Blade Pro 17 is full of amazing features. Features which is very advanced for any Gaming Laptop. So if you any second thought about buying it then don’t have it. It is the best laptop out there so stop second-guessing it.

Price And The Drawback Of The Razor Blade Pro

Razer blade pro 17 release 2020
Razer blade pro 17 gaming laptop

Technologies always have some drawbacks. They come always with both pros and cons. And we have to buy them considering both angles. But have to keep in mind that nothing is perfect. The Razor blade pro has also some cons in them which some customers are not liking. But two are the main drawbacks of the laptop.

First, its battery durability is not so good. The one we always look in the laptop is the battery backup. But in this new, it is one of the main flaws. But it doesn’t mean it has bad battery durability. It has durability little less than the other gaming laptops.

And second, it has a very high price range from US $ 4,599 to US $ 2,999. It is very much in comparison to other gaming laptops out there.

But overall it is one of the best laptops out there. So its price will pay off. So don’t worry one small con and focus on the several pros.

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