Dirty Money Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

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After an unbelievable part 1, Netflix is ​​back for the second part of Dirty Money. A documentary based on an investigation – The series of dirty Money is Produced by Oscar-winning narrative producer Alex Gibney. This documentary show Stories about Money-related scandal in the business world and individual viewpoints. 

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In the last season, we get to see HSBC’s on a progression of dubious embarrassments, including money laundering for Sinaloa Cartel, Hezbollah .It is returning with six new episodes of tricks, debasement, and budgetary anomalies. It will show how banking tricks, land plans, poisonous plastics, and different components put residents in danger. let’s know more about Dirty Money Season 2

So when are we going to get its season 2? What’s will the plot of season two? 

Dirty Money Season 2: Release Date

All Six part of Season Two will be accessible to air on Netflix from March eleventh. Also, viewers can get the show live on the streaming site. 

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Season two is set to be more dangerous than the previous season. It looks at Jared Kushner’s land realm, Wells Fargo banking scandal embarrassment, and Malaysia’s 1MDB case. 

Are we going to see celebrity interviews?

Since this is a documentary based series, there are numerous cases, including diverse genuine individuals from real life. So through meetings or pre-recorded recordings, fans might get to see many top stars on the show. We got to see many famous personalities in its debut season which includes celebrities like

  •  Donald Trump
  •  Jonathan Braun
  •  Alberto Ayala
  •  Russell Simmons
  •  Hillary Clinton
  •  Stuart Johnson
  • Martin Shkreli

Do we have the trailer? 

Yes, we have the trailer with us and its amazing. If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to give it watch because it has a stunning situation on burglary and defilement cases the world over. 

Dirty Money Season 1: Journey so Far

 Season One investigates the most questionable outrages, from the Volkswagen outflows embarrassment and the Valent Pharmaceuticals embarrassment to the Sinaloa cartel, Hezbollah, and others to HSBC money laundering. 

Dirty Money Season 2 Cast

The list of cast members for its season 2 includes the following name

  • Aaron Carr
  • Yesenia Guetron
  •  Alex Gibney
  • Matt Taibbi
  • Anabel Hernandez
  • Fahmi Qadir
  • Scott Tucker,
  • Walter Archer
  • Rachel Aviv
  • Simon Trepanier
  •  Roddy Boyd

Dirty Money Season 2 plot

Following Season 1, this whole season has additionally been a further condemning investigation of the subjects of eagerness, power, corporate debasement, budgetary wrongdoing. It proceeds to include the Malaysian ex-Prime Minister – Najib Razak, as additionally depicts the eye-catching focal point, “Slumlord Millionaire” – Jared Kushner. A very much explored analytical documentation by Gibney orders the riveted consideration of the crowd.

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