“Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 224” Is About To Release.

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There are some anime series on sports that have the capability to attract a large audience. The series Diamond No Ace is an adaptation from the Ace of Diamond series. It has entertained the audience and is very intriguing. The sports series has a very large audience with fans always craving for more. There is a lot of buzz for the upcoming Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 224.

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When Is “Chapter 224” Set To Release?

Diamond No Ace Act II Chapter 224 is all set to step on the streaming platforms. The fortunate thing is that fans won’t have to wait for long. Chapter 224 is set to release on 3rd September 2020. In such a short span of time, fans are very anxious about the plot. The wait for Chapter 224 is nearly over. When it comes to releasing chapters, the series has a very unique methodology. The showrunners release one chapter every other Thursday. This means that very soon, on a Thursday, you will be seeing the series returning on your screens. But, this strategy and regularity in the release were disrupted last week. The previous week, the episode came out on a Thursday.

What Is The Storyline For Diamond No “Ace Act II Chapter 224”?

The previous episode saw the face down between the two captains. They gave each other a sporty look as they readied up for their showdown. Sankou is the weaker captain in everyone’s eyes. Sawamura and others thought so too and they were behaving in the same way. According to them, he is not good enough for the game of rock, paper, and scissors. Seidou’s coach, Kataoka Tesshin had already given a warning to everyone present before the match. He had made the declaration that Nori won’t be let into the bullpen. The coach asks everyone present to play on the basis of their own skills and not involve Nori. This is because he won’t be seen asking Noru to join the match.

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Nori is not very fond of this decision of the coach though he knows it’s for his benefit. The coach cares for him and he feels it’s his duty to take care of Nori. Nori has to wait for the medical reports in order to get clarification for involving in a match. We will have to wait for this episode to see who comes out on the top. The Manga series never fails to provide entertainment.

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