Great Pretender Has Episode 9 Coming Out: Check Details

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Parth Dubey
Parth Dubey
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Great Pretender is a Japanese crime comedy series that revolves around Masato Edamame. He is in search of a job in order to pay his mother’s medical treatment bills. In order to do so, he starts looking for means and ends up working for a company. The company uses fraudulent tactics in order to trap others but, our protagonist is unaware of this fact. On being caught, he gets arrested and after he is paroled, he won’t find any job because of his criminal status. His father was a criminal too and hence, the social stigma and shaming follow him everywhere. This makes him resort to criminal means. He then becomes a con artist. Now, we are getting the Great Pretender Episode 9.


What Happened in “Great Pretender Episode 8”?

In the previous episode of the Great Pretender, Edamame went on a ride on the Singapore Flyer where he gets to know her in a different way. But, the situation turns around the latter refuses to accept the former as her partner. On the other hand, Laurent’s gang has set up an illegal casino somewhere in Marina Bay Sands. Thereafter, Cynthia again tries to seduce Sam as a result of which she gets rejected. Hence, Laurent now plans that Edamame should gain access to the Clark maintenance system.


Then, Laurent sends an invitation to Lewis along with his wife Isabelle in order to vouch for Edamame. This is accepted by them under the condition that Sam should be killed off for the deal to hold. Following day, Clark’s mechanic leaves, and then, Isabelle introduces Edamame as a former mechanic from Lewis’s maintenance team. Then Edamame suggested that Lewis’s crash was a result of a trap in the engine. The next day, Edamame is confronted by unknown men who then leave him alone.

The next day, Edamame enters the maintenance crew wherein Sam has his doubts on him. He does not believe that Edamame has improved the engine of the plane despite his saying that he did. Therefore Sam decided to find out the truth to the matter as he has his doubts regarding Edamame. Then, the people looking at Clark’s flight control came to praise his skills. Then, the next day again those unknown men confronted Edamame and it seemed that they were with Shi Won.

Now, after all these events in the previous episode of the Great Pretender, it would be intriguing to know what is to happen next. The series never fails to surprise us and this was one fine example. Let us wait for the new episode as next week knocks our doors.

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