Is “Ant-Man 3” Nearing it’s release: Check Details

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Ant-Man is a Marvel Comic Universe franchise that gained popularity the moment it was released by in 2015. A sequel to the movie was released titled Ant-Man and the Wasp. Recently, while Yahoo was conducting an interview with Reed on his movie Bring It On’s 20th anniversary, a discussion about Ant-Man 3 was included. This means that indeed work is being done on the movie and it is under development. This movie’s distributor was the famous Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures and we expect them to continue.

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The Plot Of “Ant-Man 3”:

The 2015 movie is based on an ex-convict who is also a father named Scott Lang. After a twist of events, our protagonist met Hank Pym, the founder of Pym Tech who is developing a suit. This suit gives a person the ability to shrink, expand, and many more powers. Hank chooses Scott for his experimentation in order to take revenge from his nemesis. In the sequel, Hank’s daughter Hope van Dyne fights alongside the Ant-Man. The movie was built simultaneously with the events of the MCU phase 3 which revolved around the Avengers. Scott was included as an Avenger and now, after the Phase has ended, MCU has entered stage 4. We can see many changes in authority and characters of the protagonists.

There is no surety of course as to what the makers are thinking but, it is surely worth the wait. Now, if we think about the plot, the movie would include characters from the comic series. Due to the lack of any official statement, the plot cannot be predicted. We can only spectate and speculate from the comic plot and the prequels. The cast would continue, along with additions of course.

What About A Release Date For “Ant-Man 3”?

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The release date for Ant-Man 3 is yet to come out. There are no official dates and also, due to coronavirus, the MCU Phase 4 calendar has been changed. Though we can expect the movie to be released in 2022. According to a few reports, there are chances of the release of the movie in 2022 is very high. Marvel already has 4 movies to be released in 2022 and that too, in the first half of the year. We can see a clean slate on October 7, 2022 portion of MCU Phase 4 calendar and we think, this could be it. Though we can’t be sure for many movies are getting their sequels out at that time of the year.

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