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Shows on teachings are very rare these days. And teaching on biology it rarest of all. Ap Bio season 3 is the upcoming season of the biology-based show Ap Bio. It released its first season it’s in February 2018. And is ready to release the latest season, Ap Bio season 3 on September 3rd.

It is an American show with a good sense of humor and story. And after two amazing seasons, Ap Bio is ready for another ride through your television.

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  • Release Date of the Ap Bio season 3
  • Cast of the Ap Bio season 3
  • Plot of the Ap Bio

Release Date Of The Ap Bio Season 3

Ap Bio season 3 release date
Ap Bio season 3

The latest season of the Ap bio is going to land on Tv on September 3rd. Yeah, remember the date, as your favorite show is finally coming to you with a brand new season. Ap Bio new season is special to everyone because it has gone with so many difficulties. Difficulties as in Ap Bio was the NBC show but after the two-season NBC canceled. And Ap Bio team and fans were wasn’t sure if the new season is coming or not.

However, their fear of losing the show got subdued when the show season 3 was picked up by the Peacock a Video-On-Demand Streaming Services. The Peacock Streaming Services renewed the long-awaited season of the Ap Bio.

Cast Of The Ap Bio

The cast of the show is very talented and very hardworking. And they all are coming back to reprise their respective, amazing roles. Series star Glenn Howerton is coming back as the disgraced Harvard philosophy Professor Dr. Griffin, who now teaches biology in high school. Patton Oswalt is coming back as the principal of the high school in Ohio, Aparna Brielle. Actors Mary Sohn, Jean Villepique, and Lyric Lewis are coming back as the teachers of High School. Paula Pell is coming as the  Secretary of High School. And Tom Bennett and Jacob McCarthy are coming as one of the key students of High School. So be ready for another ride with this amazing cast.

Plot Of The Ap Bio

Ap bio on peacock
Ap Bio on Peacock

The plot is both hilarious and tragic. Ap Bio is the story of a disgraced philosophy professor from Harvard. Professor who was now forced to teach biology in high school in Ohio. But what can we say, he has got quite a spirit. Dr. Griffin is not the one to take the defeat easily. So he is now on the task to give it back to his nemesis through his intelligent students.

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