BSF Finds Tunnel Along The India-Pakistan International Borders In J&K’s Samba

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On Thursday BSF finds a tunnel in the Samba district of J&K along the International borders.  The soldiers were on patrol when the tunnel was found. They suspect the tunnel to be an infiltration tactic of the terrorists. General Rakesh Asthana, BSF Director directs his frontier commanders in ensuring that the anti-infiltration grid is intact. He also asks them to see if there are any gaps along the front. The officials say the tunnel is about 50 meters on the Indian side from the fence of the border. They also mention that there were sandbags in the tunnel with “Pakistani markings” on them. The force believes Pakistan is again planning something atrocious against India. However, the report is given to higher authorities for further inspection and action.

BSF Finds Tunnel In Jammu And Kashmir

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BSF detects tunnel in Samba district of J&K. Image Source: New Indian Express

BSF detects a tunnel in the Samba district this Thursday. Indian officials say the troop got suspicious after they found the earth sinking at some places. It makes them think it might be due to the recent rains. However, this was not the case. A BSF official makes a statement regarding the detection. He says, “Loose soil caves in when it rains. This exposes the tunnel exits. We carry our anti-tunnel drives around the year and especially when it rains”. After the detection, they immediately bring in an Earth-moving machine. The service completely unearths the tunnel exposing it fully. Officials say the tunnel was 20 meters long and still under construction.

As per sources the tunnel was 25 meters deep. The opening was near the “Whaleback” border of BSF. Force launches mega search operation in this area to detect any other such tunnel. NS Jamwal, BSF Inspector general of Jammu personally visits the area to supervise the operation. However, while opening the tunnel there were 8-10 sandbags found. They had “Shakargarh and Karachi” written on them.

The Grave Findings Of The Officials

Rich search results on Google when searched for "BSF finds tunnel"
Sandbags with Pakistani markings. Image Source: India Today

The officials found several sandbags while opening the tunnel. They had Pakistani markings on them. Officials say there were also manufacturing and expiry date on them. This means that they were made recently. “Gulzar” is the nearest Pakistani border from the tunnel. It is about 700 metres. BSF post along 3,300 km of the International borders are on high alert. Besides, there are multiple intelligence reports that mention Pakistan terrorists are trying to invade India. The force is also using ground-penetrating radars to detect any more tunnels. These tunnels are often used to smuggle narcotics and arms.

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