Krypton Season 3: Is the show cancelled?

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The DC Comic’s television show “Krypton” would not be renewed for its third season. The year 2019 has been rough for DC fans and many shows stands cancelled for now. Upcoming show Lobo too stand cancelled. Plus, the other comic book adaptations series, Happy! And Deadly Class are not coming back either.  The cancellation of the show “Krypton” was quite surprising for all its fans as all of them were really hoping for its comeback.

The series has a terrific premise which was being quite hard to pull with. David S. Goyer gave us the two seasons and now it stands cancelled means no more seasons of the show. We are here with everything you need to know about the show. Let’s take a quick look at all of them.

Krypton Season 3: Why the show is cancelled?

Krypton Season 3
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Though it is hard to believe but Syfy has wrapped up the series just after two seasons. There can be several reasons behind this decision and one of the most prominent ones was the diminishing popularity of the show.

The average viewership of the first episode of the debut season of the show was close to 790,000 and the second season’s final saw a huge drop in the viewership with only 350,000 viewers which was less than half of most season one episodes. The latest season of the show saw a drop in its ratings by 54% and a 48% decrease in its viewership.

Though, on the critic’s side, the show’s next season was well-received as compared to the original part. The next season of the show was heavily highlighted and was in a spotlight with the coming ultraviolet “Main Man” Lobo, the endless tortures of Brainiac (Blake Ritson) along with General Zod (Colin Salmon), along with the Doomsday inactivity he had been teased for season one. But, still, he was trapped inside a high tech storage pod.

Krypton Season 3: What went wrong?

Since the series turned out to be a comparable prequel string for the DC’s biggest superheroes; and became not quite or uniquely different from Gotham in a motif. The story of the series revolves around a grandmother of this superhero, Seg-El. He was always in humiliated and isolated from rest of them; and that made him struggle to redeem the title of his loved ones.

As we already know that the series is all about a superhero that doesn’t appear even once on the screen; and that can be among the major reasons in the less persistence of the series.

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