COVID Vaccine: How close are they to release

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COVID Vaccine is the need of the hour. Corona virus has taken up everything and now the world is facing terrible consequences due to its widespread. There is no country of city that has escaped its deadly jaws and now half of the world’s population are in the hospital or in the graveyard. Thousands of people ended up losing their lives due to the virus and for them the fight of survival was tough. Things are getting harder day by day and the panic and fear are visible everywhere. Everyone is helpless and everyone is doing their best to survive in this dangerous environment.

Among this chaos, the vaccine is the last hope of everyone. Each person on this earth is eagerly waiting for the release of the COVID-19 vaccine and all the medical researchers are working day and night to come out with good news. 172 economies are now engaged in the discussion to potentially participate in COVAX, which is a global initiative aimed at working with vaccine manufactures to provide countries worldwide equitable access to safe and effective vaccines, once they are licensed and approved. Currently, COVAX has the world’s largest and most diverse COVID-19 vaccine portfolio including nine candidates vaccines, with a further nine evaluation and conversations underway with other major producers.

COVID Vaccine: How close are they to release

Here are some important facts about the COVID-19 vaccine that may give promising results:

  • Oxford University/ AstraZeneca (UK)

Currently, it is testing its vaccine on 100,000 human volunteers in at least three countries. Its lead head researcher Dr Saran Gilbert has said that they are aiming for a fall 2020 release.

  • Moderna (US)

An apparent scuffle with government regulators delayed large-scale human testing. The CEO of Moderna’s Baron is expecting the company will know by Thanksgiving if the vaccine is safe and effective and should be able to distribute it in early 2021 if it is.

  • Pfizer (US)

Its four COVID-19 vaccine candidates are still in early-stage of the human-trial, and two of them have been fast-tracked by the FDA. Its chief business officer has stated the US Congress the company may be ready for FDA approval by October.

  • SinoVac (China)

It is currently testing its vaccine on 10,000 human volunteers in China and about 9,000 in Brazil. And, the company is set to begin testing on about 1,900 test subjects in Indonesia soon. CEO of BioPharma, SinoVac’s Indonesian partner has stated that he expects the vaccine to be ready by early 2021.

  • SinoPharm (China)

The company is testing about 15,000 volunteers in the Middle East in a trial the state-owned company expects to last three to six months. SinoPharm recently built a second facility to manufactures the vaccine, doubling its capacity to about 200 million doses per year.

  • CanSino Biologics (China)

The company is ready to start the large-scale human trials this summer; CanSino’s vaccine has already been approved for the Chinese military.

Hope we see some good news soon.


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