Unlock 4.0: What will Open in India and what will not?

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Unlock 4.0, or in other words, lifting off the lockdown restrictions in India for the fourth time is a set of guidelines to regulate the lockdown in the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down everything. This has severed the relational ties. In addition, it has battered down the world economy. Thus, every country is trying its best to rejuvenate the state of its economy to sustain the population for future prospects. Recently, the State government has taken arbitrary decisions in imposing weekend lockdowns in their respective states. Hence, the Center released Unlock 4.0 which the governments and the public can consult o see where the restrictions stand.

On Saturday, August 29, 2020, the Union government released guidelines which made it mandatory for the states and UTs to consult the Center. According to the Home Ministry, these guidelines are necessary to not hamper the supply chain and carry on the economic transactions normally. The arbitrary lockdowns impacted the inter-state and intra-state movement of goods adversely. The Trade Association suffered an immense loss due to the weekend restrictions.

What does Unlock 4.0 aim at?

The fourth phase of Unlock aims at removing all the restrictions on the interstate and intra-state movement of persons and goods, and removal of permission/e-permit clause for such movements. In other words, Unlock 4.0 aims at easing the mobility factors in the country throughout the week. The Center’s step-by-step lockdown relaxation will prove beneficial for the economic state.

Main Guidelines of Unlock 2.0

The guidelines clearly state that no state can impose seal borders. The main guidelines include:

Unlock 4.0 directives
The directives issued by The Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Metro trains will re-operate since lockdown from Septemeber 7.
  • Bars and Restaurants can start serving liquor to the customers from September 1.
  • The funeral and marriage congregation, which allows a maximum of 50 people now, will allow 100 attendees from September 20.
  • From September 21, social, religious, academic, sports, entertainment, religious, and political functions can have a congregation of 100 people in non-containment areas.
  • Schools and Colleges will be shut, but from September 40, students from Class 9 to Class 12, can visit the schools for guidance from their teachers. 50% of the staff can be called to the schools bu their management from September 21.
  • Post-graduate students who want to get their hands on practical knowledge and research can tap the labs whenever they want.
  • A statement of MHA also issued guidelines regarding transportation. It read, “Movement by passenger trains; domestic passenger air travel; a movement of a person on Vande Bharat and Air Transport Bubble flights; and sign-on and sign-off of Indian seafarers will continue as per the SOPs issued”. Hence, International flights will run based on the bubble arrangement that India has with other countries like the UK, the US, and France.
  • The activities prohibited under Unlock 4.0 are opening of swimming pools, cinema halls, entertainment parks, theaters (excluding air theaters), and other similar high virus spreading risk areas.
Unlock 4.0 directives
Source: The Financial Express

The directives issued will be maintained under containment zones. All the leniency has to comply with perimeter control. The Ministry of Home Affairs asked all the people to wear the maks and practice social distancing. Shops will also maintain adequate physical distancing among the customers.

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