Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1: All You Should Know About Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

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There is a new American superhero TV series coming on Netflix. It is known as Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1. However, the show takes its inspiration from a comic by the same name. The creator of the comic is Mark Millar. The creator of the TV series is going to be Steven S. DeKnight. Jupiter’s Legacy is all set to premiere in 2020. Besides, the superhero genre has broken all barriers in the recent past. No streamer wants to miss out on this genre due to its high grossing capacity. However, Netflix is the latest addition to this. The announcement was done in 2018 that the streamer giant will be the home of this superhero legacy. The series seems to be a promising one and we are all excited to see some actions and powers. Therefore, here is everything we know about the series. Keep on reading to find out more.

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Release Date

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Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 coming on Netflix. Image Source: World Top Trend

The series got a green light from Netflix way back in 2018. So it got two long years of production. The filming of the series began in July 2019. It is set to have eight episodes for the first season. The shooting was done in Toronto, Canada. Mark Millar is the writer and producer of the show. This is obvious because no one knows the source material better than him.

However, the journey for this superhero series was not all smooth. An announcement came in 2019, that Steven S. DeKnight steps down from the director’s chair. This is due to some creative differences on the set. However, Sang Kyu Kim replaces him soon and takes over. In late January 2020, Mark Millar tweets that the first season wraps up. They even celebrate in London. So if everything is well and in proper order, then we can expect the series to release by 2020. However, Mark Millar teases by saying, “None of our new projects launch till 2021”. So we can just hope for the best.


Rich search results on Google when searched for "Jupiter's Legacy season 1"
The Cast. Image Source: Deadline

The star cast for the series is very lit. It has some high-quality actors and we cant wait to see them. This includes Josh Duhamel as Sheldon Sampson, The Utopian. We will see Leslie Bibb as Grace Sampson, Sheldon’s wife. She is one of the most powerful female heroes on the planet. We also have Elena Kampouris playing Chloe Sampson. She is the daughter of Grace and Sheldon.

Other Cast includes Ben Daniels playing Walter Sampson. He is the older brother of Sheldon. Andrew Horton plays Brandon Sampson. He is the son of Grace and Sheldon. Matt Lanter as George Hutchence. He is Sheldon’s closest ally and also the villain. Mike Wade plays Fitz Small.

Jupiter’s Legacy Plot

The creators already mention that the story is not going to deviate from the comic book. This means that we are about to see the first superheroes of the world. It is set in the 1930s where the heroes are trying hard to live up to glory. This sets a difficult challenge for the next generations. The story revolves around the struggles of the children of these heroes. And how hard they try to live up to their parent’s legacy.

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