Elite Season 4: What is changed in this season?

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Elite Season 4, is a Spanish thriller teen drama that revolves around students of Las Encinas, a fictional elite secondary school. The show premiered on Netflix on October 8, 2018. Each season ran for eight episodes. When the third season premiered on March 13, 2020, people got into a frenzy to know in detail what future holds for the characters. Elite has 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.6 rating on IMDb. A critic at Variety wrote, “This tantalizing and whipsmart entry to the teen show pantheon proves itself worthy of the spotlight.”

When a school building collapsed, three friends from working-class families, Samuel, Nadia, and Christian, got a scholarship to attend Las Encinas, an exclusive private family for kids from wealthy families. As they struggle to settle in, they also get tangled in the death of a fellow student. As the story progressed, we saw the students deal with love triangles, drug habits, money problems, and corruption.

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When will Elite season 4 premiere?

In January 2020, Netflix renewed the show for a fourth and fifth season.

The official Twitter handle of Elite posted this video to officially announce that elite Season 4 is coming. Following this, we know that we still have a lot of Elite that we can watch in the future. The filming has not yet begun due to the COVID-19 delays. Hence, we are not sure about the release date. We can see Elite Season 4 in fall 2022.

Who will we see in elite Season 4?

In the third season, Lu and Nadia went to the USA to study further at Columbia University. Other students completed their high school. So, we came to know that we won’t see them in Las Encinas in future seasons.

However, students like Samuel, Guzman, Ander, and Rebecca will repeat their school year. They are the characters that we will see in Elite Season 4, along with Omar. Elite’s official Twitter handle also reported some new students.

Hence, the official cast of Elite Season 4 include:

  • Itzan Escamilla as Samuel
  • Miguel Bernardeau as Guzman
  • Aron Piper as Ander
  • Omar Shana as Omar
  • Claudia Salas as Rebecca
  • Georgina Amoros as Cayetana
  • Manu Rios (Role TBA)
  • Pol Granch (Role TBA)
  • Carla Diaz (Role TBA)
  • Martina Cariddi (Role TBA)
Elite Season 4 updates
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The plot

In the fourth season of Elite, we will star a major new cast. Thus, we can see a new arc to cover these characters along with the remaining few. We can expect Guzman, Samuel, Rebecca, and Ander to give a hard time to the new students. Or, the new students can expect to be something the older students did not expect. It’s all undercover right now, but we will see it all when Netflix chooses to reveal the new twits in Las Encinas.

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