Uber India: Begins The Auto-Rental Service Across The Nation.

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On August 26, Uber announced a 24*7 auto-rental service. This service will be provided in the following 6 cities across the nation:
Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.
Auto rental service gives the freedom of booking three-wheelers and driver for up to 8 hours. This service went live Mumbai with the starting rate of Rs. 169 for one hour.

What Are The Costs Of Different Packages?

The rider will have the option of selecting from multi hourly packages, said an official. Following are the packages provided by Uber:
  • 1 hour / 10Km- Rs 169
  • 2 hours / 20Km- Rs 288
  • 3 hours / 30Km- Rs 409
  • 4 hours / 40Km- Rs 529
  • 5 hours / 50Km- Rs 649
  • 6 hours / 60Km- Rs 779
  • 7 hours / 70Km- Rs 899
  • 8 hours / 80km- Rs 1019
However, Uber further states, that you will be charged extra if you exceed the package. The rider will be charged Rs 9.50 for an extra kilometer. Additionally, the rider will also charge Rs 1 for every minute spent. Though the base fare tip for every will be Rs. 79.
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For instance, you booked an Uber for 6 hours and cover a distance of 40 kilometers. Then Uber will charge you on the basis of distance covered and time is taken. The best part is that multi stoppages don’t count. This means, that even if you stop and get off multiple times during a journey you won’t have to pay extra.
But it will still be different from a cab. In a cab, you are free to lengthen or cut short your journey. But in an auto rental, you can’t do all that. Whatever changes you desire must be done before the commencement of the journey. The minimum duration you can book an auto is for one hour. Apart from auto rental, Uber already has a cab rental service.
Nitin Bhushan, head of the marketplace of Uber India quoted,
“It gives passengers the liberty to make multiple stops along a journey, just as they would with their own personal vehicle, “.

Protective Measures Taken By Uber :

Uber has to make sure that its autorickshaws are safe to travel. Uber-Rickshaws are made to follow strict guidelines and hygiene measures. To help both the riders and drivers, it has also launched a set of safety measures. Additionally, if anyone, whether the rider or the driver doesn’t feel safe, can cancel the trip. Reportedly, Uber has already distributed a protective instrument over 70 cities. These 79 cities are the ones where Uber operations have resumed.

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