The Last Kingdom Season 5: Is It Coming Back?

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Historical drama The Last Kingdom is all set for the brand new season. The Last Kingdom season 5 is the upcoming season of the Netflix show. It was premiered on Netflix in October 2015. Since then it has released four successful seasons on Netflix. Now after the successful season 4,  Netflix has renewed it for The Last Kingdom season 5.

After the renewal of the series for season 5 fans are very excited about it. They are crazy about any information regarding the season 5 of The Last Kingdom. So here I am with every possible information about the latest season.

Release Date Of The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom season 5
The Last Kingdom

Netflix renewed the show for season 5 in July 2020. After the release of the fourth season. So declaring the date of release for season 5 is pretty soon. As it will at least take one year for the making of season 5 and it’s post-production. So be seated comfortably because this is going to take some time. The Last Kingdom season 5 is not going to release before the end of the 2021.

Everything About The Series And Its Plot

Netflix The Last Kingdom season 5
Netflix The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is a Historical drama. Drama of the period Norse mythology. This is the story of Saxons, Danes, their war, and their political condition. Its story basically revolves around the warrior name, Uhtred. A Saxon heir of earldom who was captured by the Danes during the England invasion. The Last Kingdom shows his life with Danes and his dilemma with the loyalty between Saxon and Danes.

The last season of the show many ups and downs. It saw blood, war, and betrayal. The last season of the series ended with Winchester captured by the Danes led by Brida and Sigtryggr in the absence of the King Edward. Now it’s is in Uhtred hand to save the Winchester from the hand of the Danes.

The next season is going to start with the war against the Danes. And Uhtred bravery to restore the reign of the King Edward in Winchester. This season is also going to introduce the love angle for Uhtred. So be ready for the war, blood, gore, love, and heartbreak in the upcoming season.

Cast Of The Season 5

The Last Kingdom season 5 plot and cast
The Last Kingdom

The most of the cast of season 4 is coming back for the next season 5 of The Last Kingdom. Alexander Dreymon is going to reprise his role as Uhtred. Emily Cox is coming back as Brida, Timothy is coming back as King Edward, and Eysteinn Siguròarson as Sigtryggr are coming back.


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