Hospital Playlist Season 2: Plot, Cast, And Details!

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All the South Korean dramas are famous for their romance and romantic storyline in the eye of the viewers. Hospital Playlist is a Korean drama based on the hospitals and Its staff. Hospital Playlist was premiere in March 2020. And just after it’s end, Netflix renews Hospital Playlist for the next season. Hospital Playlist season 2 is going to be exactly like the first season.

And like the first season, this Netflix Korean drama is going to be a hit. So here is every detail of the Hospital Playlist next season. Plot, cast, and release date everything regarding it. So continue reading to know about your favorite show.

Release Date Of The Hospital Playlist Season 2

Hospital Playlist season 2 on Netflix
Hospital Playlist Season 2

Well, frankly there is no fixed date about the release of the Hospital Playlist next season. Yeah, the first season was released this year and the Netflix renews it for next season recently. So everything was really fast for everyone. And expecting for the next season of the Hospital Playlist soon enough is not good. Because considering the situation I can safely say that the next season is not going to land till 2022. So considering the timeline of waiting, watch some other Korean drama on Netflix.

Cast Of The Hospital Playlist Season 2

Netflix Hospital Playlist
Hospital Playlist

All the cast of the first season of the Hospital Playlist is coming back for season 2. Yeah, season of the Hospital Playlist is going to consist of the same cast as before. They all are coming to reprise their amazing doctor’s role in season 2.

Jo Jung-Suk is coming back as the doctor Lee Ik-Joon. Yoo Yeon-Seok as doctor Ahn Jung-Won, Kim Dae-Myung as doctor Yang Seok-Hyung, Jung Kyung-Ho as doctor Kim Joon-Wan, and Jeon Mi-do as doctor Chae Song-Hwa are coming back next season of The Hospital Playlist. So be ready another season of amazing acting in the Hospital Playlist.

Plot Of The Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist season 2 plot and cast
Netflix Hospital Playlist

The plot of the Hospital Playlist revolves around five friends. Friends who are together from college times. And is now working together in a hospital, sharing and caring for each other. The five doctors of the Hospital Playlist are very lively and share the common passion for music. But at some phase friendship starts to evolve into a love story. So Hospital Playlist is the story of friendship and love.

In season 2 of the Hospital Playlist, we are going to see more love and friendship. So be ready for another wonderful and lovely ride.




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