NCIS Season 18: Plot, Cast, And Detail

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Crime shows are the most loved show around the world. Viewers love to solve some crime cases every now and day. And NCIS season 18 is the new season of the long-running crime show NCIS. NCIS was the first premiere on CBC in 2003. And aired a total of 17 seasons till now. NCIS season 18 is the brand new season of the crime drama.

The new season of NCIS is full of mystery, unsolved cases, and good action. So here is every detail about the plot, cast, and episodes of NCIS brand new season. So keep reading.

Everything About NCIS And NCIS Season 17 

NCIS season 18 plot
NCIS season 17

NCIS is the show revolving around special agents from Naval Criminal Investigation Services. In the show, they conduct a criminal investigation with the US Navy and Marine Corps.

NCIS new season, season 17 premiere on CBC in September 2019 and run through April 2020. The NCIS season 17 is produced by CBC Television Studios and Belisarius Production. The season 17 of NCIS was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic like every other show. Some episodes of season 17 of NCIS were scrapped because of it.

Release Date Of NCIS Season 18

NCIS season 18 release date

As season 17 of NCIS was cut short due to the pandemic, CBC renewed the show for the next season. Yeah, CBC renewed NCIS for the season 18 in May 2020. They renewed it just after the premature ending of the season 17. However, the release date of season 18 is yet to be decided. But it is speculated that season 18 of NCIS will hit the screen in late 2021. So keep waiting and keep watching the load of previous seasons of NCIS on CBC and Prime Video.

Possible Plot Of NCIS Season 18

CBC NCIS season 18

Season 18 of NCIS will just start off from the premature ending of season 17. Yeah, season 18 is going to include the last four scrap up episode of season 17. Season 18 will start with the cliffhanger of season 17. It will answer all the questions left in viewers minds by season 17 of NCIS. The next season is going to fill with much suspense, thriller, and action. So keep waiting, as it is going to be worth the wait.

Cast of NCIS

NCIS cast is the cluster of a lot of amazing actors. They all are great in their roles and are coming for the new season.

  • Imprint Harmon— as Leroy Jethro Gibs
  • Sean Murray— as Timothy McGee
  • Wilmer Valderrama— as Nicholas “Nick” Torres

So keep watching NCIS and keep reading for further updates.





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