Killing Eve Season 4: How is COVID-19 affecting it?

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Killing Eve Season 4 is a British black comedy spy thriller TV series on BBC America and BBC iPlayer. The first season premiered on April 8, 2018. Killing Eve received high acclaim and appreciation in the US and the UK especially for the writing and lead actresses’ performances. We love some female-centric shows and especially when the women are beautiful, fierce, and insanely talented. Ever since the third season concluded on May 31, 2020, people wanted to know the status updates on Killing Eve Season 4.

Killing Eve is revolves around British Intelligence prodigy. Eve Polastri gets involved with female assassins and their psychology. Her brash and gruesome ways to handle the witness or culprits lands her a job in MI6. She encounters a woman who calls herself Villanelle. They start working together on cases but don’t realize when the whole game for each other becomes about each other. It has an outstanding rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.3 on IMDb. You get style, adventure, action, pathos, and suspense all in one. So, where does that lead us about its future?

Killing Eve Season 4 Eve and Villanelle
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After critical comments against the show about not having enough diversity in the behind the scenes, executive producer Sally Woodward Gentle took on the responsibility for doing better. She said, “The make-up of the writers’ room should be more racially diverse and I take full responsibility for it. We’ve got really strong LGBTQ contingent, but it’s not good enough and we need to do better.” Sandra Oh has also previously remarked that usually, it’s just her and 75 other white people. keeping the executive producers’ remarks in mind, we hope the writers’ room brightens up in the future.

When will we see Killing Eve Season 4?

Sid Gentle Films were targeting August as their let-out for the fourth season. The Emmy and Golden Globe winning drama had a fourth season planned up. The season got finalized in January 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the plans faced a setback.

A spokesperson of the show said, “Killing Eve shoots across multiple European locations. Due to the uncertainty of the world as a result of COVID-19, no shooting schedules for Killing Eve Season 4 have been locked in at this point and there are various scenarios in play.” We can assume that the show is at least pushed to mid-2021.

The Cast

Killing Eve season 4 lead cast
Killing Eve Lead Actresses–Source:

As stated earlier, the show distinguishes itself due to the talented female ensemble. In Killing Eve Season 4 we will see:

  • Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri
  • Jodie Comer as Villanelle
  • Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens
  • Gemma Whelan as Geraldine
  • Kim Bodnia as Konstantin

We don’t expect Harriet Walter to reprise her role as assassin, Dasha. Writer and executive producer Suzanne Heathcote confirmed it while talking with TV Line. She said, “She’s dead. The way we wrote it (her death), her heart stopped. She’s gone and left us.”

What will you see in Killing Eve Season 4?

During a Bafta Q&A, Suzanne Heathcote reportedly said that the fourth season will “take it somewhere new, which involves taking risks.” As far as the third season was concerned, it had a lot of bloodshed and dram. If the fourth season is going to be a level up, we can see immense action from the lead actresses.

When the third season ended, we got a hint that Eve and Villanelle can return in a duo, so we can see a new arc to their relationship. The Twelve are still on the loose, so will Carolyn stop them in the fourth season? We don’t have concrete insinuations that we can provide you right now. However, the season four will give us everything we need.

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