Desert One: When is the release happening?

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Rescue missions are always one of the most significant ones “Desert One” is also one among them. Created by “Barbara Kopple” who has received Oscar for her movie “Harlan County, USA” this is going to be another of her magical creations. This new documentary is going to be an interesting one as the suspense it holds is just fascinating and exciting.

The movie is already at screens and was released on 21st August. It has released in more than 100 theatres in the United States. Plus, as going out is risky in these days the digital version of the documentary is going to be available from 4th September 2020 on various platforms. You can watch them on platforms like Apple TV+, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and many more. Do have a look as it is our guarantee that you won’t come back disappointed. We are here with some of the details about the documentary that you definitely need to know.

Desert One: Who all are in the cast?

Desert One

The documentary stars:

  • Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States
  • Walter Mondale, former vice president of the United States
  • Ted Koppel, American-British TV broadcaster
  • Marvin Kevin Harmening
  • Hostage Michael Metrinko

Basically, the documentary features the interviews of people who failed the military operations to rescue the Americans who were held as captives in Tehran and Iran during 1980. Therefore, the interview is with hostages, soldiers, commanders, and even President Carter.

Desert One: What is the plotline?

The documentary’s plot is about the Americans who are all working together to overcome one of the biggest challenges in their own lives. It is about a rescue mission “Operation Eagle Claw”.

When 52 Americans diplomats and citizens who were held as captives in Iran, the then-president Jimmy Carter secretly green-lighted the training for this rescue operations. The special American forces soldiers find themselves in uncharted territory, planning a top-secret rescue of unprecedented scale and sophistication.

Plus, the movie also shows you the Iranian point of view and about their background. In this movie, you can see the tensions between the two countries and how it affected literally everything. The rescue mission was a failed one and the team and the team failed to rescue the 52 embassy personnel held captives in the Embassy of the USA, Tehran.

Do give it a watch and stay tuned!

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