Endeavour Renewed For An Eighth Season. Get The Details Here!

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Its celebration time for all the mystery hungry fans! British detective Endeavour Morse will be back for the eighth season. Endeavour Season 8 is officially confirmed.

The series is a prequel to Inspector Morse and primarily takes place in Oxford. The series first aired in 2013. Five more seasons followed the first one. The fifth season takes place in the year 1968 and is six episodes long. The sixth season takes place in 1969 and was aired 8 months after the fifth season. The seventh season in the series takes place in 1970 and it aired in February 2020.

Release Date of Endeavour Season 8

In 2019, the series got an official renewal for an eighth season. The new season was originally set to debut in 2021 in the UK. But the filming of the series might get delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. we are still waiting for an official release date.

The Plot of Endeavour Season 8

Previous seasons of the series have all shown one year per season. The seventh season took place in the year 1970. We can expect the eighth season to take place after 1970. We are still waiting for the confirmed plot.

The creator of the show, Russell Lewis has hinted that ITV has asked them to continue adding to the casebook of Colin Dexter’s immortal character, Endeavour Morse. They will be taking Morse and Oxford’s finest into a new decade of decimalisation, Oil Crisis, package holidays, Blackouts and Europa Endlos. The three day week was instituted in 1973 so we might see the eighth season jump a few years ahead from its last season.

Future of Endeavour Series

The series is a prequel to popular detective show Inspector Morse which begins in 1987. The creators of the series have previously indicated that they intended to end the series before the character reaches 1987. This will ensure continuity between the two series.

They said that they don’t want to stay in the party for long. Even though they love the show they don’t want it stretch it for long. The creators want to be strict. They also want everybody to feel within reasons that they have finished the series in a satisfying way. We are still not clear whether the end will come in season 8 or further down the line.

The Cast of The Series

Credit – Uk Express

The series main cast Shaun Evans who plays the beloved Endeavour Morse, Roger Allam who plays Morse’s mentor and Fred Thursday will return for season 8. Morse’s love interest in the show Joan Thursday played by Sara Vickers is most likely to return for the eighth season.

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