Netflix’s “Cobra Kai Season 3” Finally Has A Release Date.

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Cobra Kai is based on the 1980s The Karate Kid franchise that gathered worldwide appreciation. Until May, the series had YouTube premium as its streaming platform. It was in June that Netflix took up this series under its own production. The series is held in high regards and now with Netflix on its side, it seeks to conquer a larger audience. Now Netflix has released some information on Cobra Kai Season 3.

Source: TVLine

What About The Release Date Of The “Cobra Kai Season 3”?


Cobra Kai Season 3 has a time cap given by Netflix itself. The series is all set out to be released in 2021. This is great news for all its fans who were eagerly and patiently waiting for an official statement. Cobra Kai’s previous seasons are released on the streaming platform on August 28, 2020. A trailer was released this year wherein we get a look at the plots of the first two seasons as well as a hint. The show makers are giving the audience some direction by hinting at the plot. The fans are not at the edge of their seats, patiently waiting as Netflix work’s its magic as usual. Though the actual date hasn’t been put out, the year of 2021 will definitely see the release.


What Can You Expect From The Plot Of “Cobra Kai Season 3”?


The fans are waiting for the dramatic journey of the series to continue in Cobra Kai Season 3. Season 2 was characterized by a dark and heavy ending. The protagonists Macchio’s Daniel and William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence were affected heavily at the end of the second season of Cobra Kai. William Zabka’s/Johnny Lawrence’s dojo dreams collapsed at the end of the second season. Also, his dedicated and diligent student Miguel, portrayed by Xolo Maridueña lost in a fight. His fight was with his biological son Keane who is portrayed by Tanner Buchanan, to whom he lost. The former was hurt pretty bad after the fight and this confirmed the fact that Keane is going on a journey that would end badly for him. This intriguing plot is what made the audience pretty anxious about the plot and storyline.

Source: VultureWhat is going to follow, we certainly won’t know until the Cobra Kai Season 3 makes it to the streaming platform’s giant audience. The fans will have to wait to see the cast together once more and till then, only theories and speculations can be made.







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