The UN Watchdog Is Going To Inspect Iran Ex Nuclear Sites

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After a long tension and debate, Iran has finally given access to its ex nuclear sites to The UN watchdog. The UN watchdog is going to finally inspect the ex nuclear site of Iran. Iran has reached the agreement with the UN after the visit of the Cheif International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi to Tehran.

Rafael Grossi quoted,“ Iran is voluntarily providing IAEA with excess to the two locations specified by International Atomic Energy Agency, ”. In the joint statement with the Head of Iran’s Nuclear Agency.

Why Iran Finally Agreed To The UN Watchdog Deal

Iran and The UN
Iran Nuclear Site Inspection

UN International Atomic Energy Agency chief Rafael Grossi had said that Iran has finally understood the situation. Iran had finally understood the impartiality, Independence, and professionalism of IAEA. They have finally understood that the verification is very essential for both Iran and the UN.

International Atomic Energy Agency had taken months to gain access to the sight in Iran. For months Iran was rejecting the request of The UN. But after many trying IAEA has finally gained the access to Tehran and Isfahan ex nuclear site. And Iran has finally come to the terms with The UN.

Iranian President has also supported the decision and said that the deal is favorable for both Iran and The UN. So it is in no one favor to delay the deal.

How The UN Finally Got Iran To Agreed 

Iran IAEA nuclear press conference
The UN watchdog

International Atomic Energy Agency of The UN started pressurizing Iran from June 2020 to give them access to the ex nuclear site. The Governor issued an order to Iran to cooperate with The UN initiative. But the Iran government had always refused it. They were neglecting the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. They neglected it due to the action of the President of the United States of America.

President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States of America from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in 2018. Which resulted in the Iran backing from the terms of JCPOA. But now after the UN step and International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has finally expected to the terms of JCPOA.

After so many political disturbance and failed attempt The UN and Iran has finally come on terms. They both are cooperating with each other on every step. Iran government is full-on supporting The UN and IAEA on every inspection of Tehran and Isfahan.

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