Reality Z Season 2: Official Standing of the show!

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Reality Z Season 2 is in the news. The first season premiered on June 10, 2020 on Netflix. It is a Brazilian zombie horror TV show based on the British television ministeries ‘Dead Set‘. In the first season, we saw a reality show getting interrupted when a zombie apocalypse took over Rio De Janeiro. The cast members which included TK, Jessica, Marcos, Augusto, Veronica, Cleide, and Madonna, were forced to remain in the studio. The production runner, Nina, then leads the battle against the horrible zombies. The first season premiered altogether on June 10 and since then, people want to know what are Netflix’s plans about the show.

Can you expect a Reality Z Season 2?

Reality Z Season 2 probability to see more zombies
Will we see more zombies? (Source: Medium)

If you break down the title, it is an amalgamation of Reality (reality show) and Z (Zombies). Well, where zombie horror is concerned, the show was filled with them. It had an interesting take on how the zombies can disrupt our lives and probably, gave some helpful tips, just in case! Earlier, director and showrunner Claudio Torres spoke about releasing many parts of the show. So, what do we expect? Because we have binge-watched all the ten episodes.

Usually, Netflix talks about the future of a show once it has all the analytics data of few months. Considering that it came in June, Netflix should let us know by October about the status. However, there is a piece of bad news. The rating of the show is not high. It has a meager 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.4 on IMDb. If we consider the ratings, they are not enough for a second season to be commisioned.

There are other reasons as to why Reality Z Season 2 sounds like an impossible dream. As stated on What’s on Netflix, it was based on the miniseries. Dead Set ran for only five episodes. Thus, even if the director wants to produce more seasons, he has to have a certain storyline. The entire cast died in the zombie apocalypse.

A moment of silence!

So, if we get a positive news about the show’s conferral, we can expect an entire new cast and an entire new reality show. That will take a lot of time. This brings us to the release date.

Reality Z Season 2
Source: The Movie Database

When will Reality Z Season 2 premiere?

If Netflix shows its green flag to the showmakers, we cannot get a second season before 2022. There are quite a few reasons that we as outsiders can state. Number one being the COVID-19 setback. Another one is the production of the script, casting of stars, directing, editing, producing, promoting, and finally releasing. It all takes time.

The Plot

The plot of Reality Z Season 2 is also unpredictable. If we get a reality Z Season 2, we can see a new set of cast doing the whole shebang all over again. A second probability is that few survivors can muster up their strength and go to the Olympus and try to liberate it. Honestly speaking, the ratings, the adaptation, and the ending of the first season incline towards a lesser probability of getting Reality Z Season 2.

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