No Life No Game Season 2: What’s The Buzz Around Renewal? 

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If you are an anime fan and ask me about No life No game, we’ll I doubt you then. No life No game is a Japanese animated series. It is fundamentally based on the book by Yu Kamiya of the same name. This show was created by the Madhouse Studio. The first season was made up of a total of 12 episodes. And it was an instant hit right after few days of its release. Many also called it “the dark horse” of the game.

What Is The Storyline All About?  (A Quick Glance)

No life No game revolves around the life of Sora and Shiro. They both are NEET gamers. The shows take you to their adventurous life where games turn into real life. One can deny that Madhouse has done a fantastic job with the animation. With its intriguing plot, deep character development, and fastidious game rules, this show won many hearts. No life No game is a step above all the similar animes.
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Release Date Of No Life No Game Season 2

Season 1 of the show game was released back on April 9, 2014. It consisted of a total of 12 episodes with a duration of 1 hour each. The show concluded on June 25, 2014. With its release the show hike up the charts. It also received great reviews from both fans and critics. Being a mega-hit, it was considered that the series will be renewed for a new season. Concerning this, Madhouse studio released a prequel movie of the show. It was named “No life No game: Zero” and was released back on July 15, 2017.
But, right after the release of the movie the name kind of disappeared. Though, now it is anticipated that season 2 will be released by the end of 2020. If not this, them somewhere in 2021. Why is it consider so? Well, there are multiple reasons.
First begin, that the show is based on 5 out of 10 novels. The movie of No life No game is based on the 6th novel. So surely there must be a season 2 to cover the remaining four books. And also, creators must not have any issue regarding the content for season 2. Another important point is its commercial success. Almost all the animes created by Madhouse have sequels. Considering the success of No game No life, it surely must have a season 2.

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