Will “After Life Season 3” be hitting streaming platforms soon? + Storyline!

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Ricky Gervais initiated his work on the first draft for Netflix’s popular show After Life Season 3. He made it clear that the first draft for the script of the series is complete. Hence, we can say that are looking good for the arrival of the new segment of the series. We will speculate and discuss the possibility of the release of After Life Season 3 along with the possible storyline.

What is the current progress in the storyline of After Life Season 3?

The second season was premiered its first episode back in April. The second season had 6 episodes under its wings. Netflix’s dark comedy show has gained much traction since its release in 2019. At the end of After Life Season 2, we are left confused. The ending was a bit ambiguous and Ricky’s character Tony was continuing his struggle. Tony’s struggle with his grief leading him to find hope has all led to the After Life Season 3 in the works. Ricky thanked his fans for making the series number one on Netflix and as a result, Netflix renewed the series.

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It took Netflix only two weeks after the release of the second season, to announce After Life Season 3. Netflix never renews a show in such little time but, an exception is made here. The VP of Content Acquisition, Cindy Holland stated that at least two weeks are taken into consideration before the renewal of a show. This shows how much influence the show has.

About the release date?

The second season of the series was announced way back on 3rd April 2019. The series was telecasted by 20th April 2020. Now taking into consideration After Life Season 3, the announcement of development has already been made. Ricky shared a photo in which he was holding the first draft for the script of the new season. In a similar fashion as the previous season, the announcement is made way early. It is our expectation that the series would arrive on our doorsteps by 2021. This means that we can expect the new episodes sometime next year.

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Ricky Gervais completed previous projects like The Office, Extras, and Derek and then, made himself available for the next season of After Life. This shows how versatile and talented he is. We expect to see him return as Tony and humor us via his darkly comic style. The previous season came out after 13 months of its announcement and we expect the new season to arrive by spring 2020.

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