Sony PlayStation 5 now open for pre-order registration

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Sony has some positive news for fans and gamers looking forward to having their hands on the PlayStation 5 which will be releasing early. And other bad news. Let’s get into the good news. The PlayStation 5, or PS5 as most of us will end up naming it, is now available for registration until buying. The bad news, now. Sony starts off the proceedings with an invitation-only program, and no, we really don’t know when the console will be arriving, or how much it will cost.

In turn, pre-order registration means you can now move over to Sony’s official PlayStation 5 product page and book a device in advance. Know, this is for pre-ordering and not adding to basket. Pre-orders have not started yet, so if you register, you’ll definitely be the first in line to do so when and when it opens.

Now the tricky part here. Just because you’re registering now doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be having a device. There are a couple of terms and conditions to meet, the main being, that you’re fortunate enough to be among the first few to purchase the PS5.

Sony retains the opportunity, for example, to “invite” you, quite obviously. The business writes on its FAQ website that the collection would be based on your past preferences and experiences at PlayStation. If you’re picked, Sony will let you know by email before you start pre-ordering. But there, it doesn’t stop. If you’re picked, you’ll need to be swift to reserve your squad, because it’s all going to be on a first come first serve basis. “Your collection notice email should contain the expiration date and period and whilst the stocks last,” Sony specifically states.

Sony will also restrict pre-order reservations for PS5 consoles to 1 per PSN ID due to small inventory and high demand. You are free to request two DualSense wireless controllers, however.

The final word and condition of Sony’s pre-order registration process is that you’ll need a US mailing address that ensures everybody else will have to wait. The PS5 is expected to be available alongside global markets in India, sometime later this year and online shopping portals such as Flipkart have been promoting the console even more than the Xbox Series X for a while now. We’ll update this piece when and when we get more and more information about the launch of PS5 India. Stay tuned!

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