Designated Survivor 4: Renewed Or Canceled? Every Update On Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

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The American political thriller might not come back with Designated Survivor 4. It is heartbreaking news for the fans, however, it is true. It airs on ABC Network before the takeover of Netflix. The first season came out on September 21, 2016, and the second on September 27, 2017. Both the season’s air on ABC Network. However, for the third season, it airs universally and globally on Netflix and it came out on June 7, 2019. The series garners much love and appreciation and has a huge fanbase. However, even after running for three successful seasons, Netflix officially cancels the show. The announcement was done in July 2019. Therefore here is everything you need to know about Designated Survivor 4. Keep on reading to find out more.

Designated Survivor 4 Renewed Or Canceled?

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To be honest, the fourth installment stands canceled as of now. Fans were really hopeful for the fourth part of this series. However, as per the official announcement, the project has been taken down. The show was running fine until the third season. Netflix takes over the show in 2018, there was a drop in the ratings of the show. The show did not manage to hook the interest of the audience any longer. It was boring and slow which gave it bad ratings and negative reviews. The show first airs on ABC Network.

This is the reason why Netflix officially decides to pull the show down. On July 24, 2019, Netflix officially makes a statement about the fourth season. It says, “We are proud to offer a third season of Designated Survivor to the fans. However, the third season was the final season. But we will continue to carry all the seasons for years to come”. It announces that there will be no renewal for the third season. However, the fans are happy that they can stream the three seasons on Netflix.

About The Story

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Designated Survivor 4"
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The thriller drama revolves around the life of Thomas Kirkman. He becomes the President of the USA and then we have interesting events that follow. However, this is only possible after the killing of every other successor ahead of him. This is how he becomes the President and is termed as Designated Survivor. The story deals with the duties and responsibilities that come up with Presidentship. He also tries to uncover the truth behind him gaining the position. Season 3 however leaves us with several questions. And we are not sure if we are ever going to get answers to that.

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