Chief of Staff Season 3: The Future depends on what?

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Harsirat Kaur
Harsirat Kaur
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Chief of Staff Season 3, is not only highly anticipated but also naturally inclined to premiere. Why? Read on to find out what makes the show popular and what are the status updates on Chief of Staff Season 3.

Chief of Staff is a South Korean political drama on Netflix and JTBC. It premiered on June 14, 2019. The second season premiered on November 11, 2019. The last episode of both the seasons got the highest rating of the entire season respectively. It has an IMDb rating of 7.9. The politics shown in the drama do not feel overshadowed by the glamor of the industry. The narrative of the show encapsulates you in every episode and leaves room open for personal derivation.

Chief of Staff is a story of a fresh graduate from the Korean Police University, Jang Tae-Jun. His thirst for power leads him to become a chief aide in the National Assembly. His desire to win and battle against the odds makes him ambitious. He gets the support of an opposition party’s spokesperson, Kang Seon-Yang. Her ambitious nature matches that of Tae-Jun and they start a clandestine relationship to win the political power.

Chief of Staff Season 3 Jang and Kang
Jang Tae-Jun and Kang Seon-Yang.

Will we ever see a Chief Of Staff Season 3?

The last episode of the second season received a rating of 5.340% Nationwide and 5.458% in Seoul. The rating and the viewership statistics of the second season leave little room for the impossibility of another season. This means that Chief of Staff season 3 is a likely affair. The time duration, however, towers all the assumptions.

When Soompi released an article with the star cast of Chief of Staff, it made us think that maybe the cast’s statements were insinuating that the series has ended. One such statement came from Kim Dong Jun who portrayed the role of Han Do Kyung. He said, “It was a drama that I will always remember and a drama where I really worked hard during every second and scene.” When you look at the cast’s statements, you are not sure whether they were bidding farewell to the second season or the show altogether.

The streaming platform, Netflix, has a unique way of operating. Unless there is some concrete piece of information from Netflix, we cannot say that the show is canceled. However, it has not renewed it either. The delay can pertain to the ongoing pandemic. So, we can assume that once Netflix’s operations come back on track, we can hear from it about the show’s future.

What will you see in Chief of Staff Season 3?

Chief of Staff Season 3 Jang will take on more power
Source: Asian Wiki blog

In both the seasons, we saw Jang succeeding in his political endeavors. He succeeded in getting his boss a spot as a party representative. On the other hand, his ambitions related to his political career also mounted. Jang and Kang are at a place where they are deep in their relationship as well as in their career. In season three, there will be few questions answered, hopefully. We can expect to finally know who is the betrayer in the office. We will know who killed Go Seok Man. The murder was professionally executed so it will form an interest factor to see who carefully concealed the evidence and the truth.

The Cast

The show is loved to a large extent because of its cast. In Chief of Staff season 3, we can expect to see:

Chief of Staff Season 3 cast
Source: South China Morning Post
  • Lee Jung-Jae as Jang Tae-Joon
  • Shin Min-a as Kang Seon-Yeong
  • Lee Elijah as Yoon Hye-won
  • Kim Dong-jun as Han Do-kyeong
  • Jug jin-young as Lee Seong-min
  • Jo Bok-Rae as Young Jong-yeol

We can also see new faces if the plotline asks for it. There is a high possibility of the storyline to get more deep-rooted in politics. If that happens, we can clearly say that Chief of staff season 3 will deliver the most drama, just as we like.

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