One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast and All That You Need to Know

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One Punch Man Season 3 is an upcoming part of a Japanese animated series named ‘One-Punch Man’, which is based on a superhero story. The series had its fantastic first and second season, which created a massive fan base. Therefore, it is again coming up with its third season very soon.

The director for season 1 was Shingo Natsume, and Chikara Sakurai directed season 2. It is produced by a production called Forest. The series is one of the most popular and commercially successful anime series. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of One Punch Man 3.

One-Punch Man 3 Release Date

The makers of the One Punch Man series have not yet made any official announcement about the initial release date, but they posted a tweet that they will try their best to release One Punch Man Season 3 in the middle of the year 2021.


season 3 of One Punch Man
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The cast of season 3 will remain the same as the previous seasons. Saitama, the main lead of the series, will return in season 3 with his mysteriously strong body. Along with Saitama, the other significant characters, Blast, Tornado, Genos, Bang, Zombieman, and Kamikaze, are also coming back in the upcoming season. There is also a probability that we may see some new characters in addition to the old ones.

Plot and Storyline

As no trailer has been launched to date, the exact storyline is not yet revealed.

One Punch Man season 3
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The storyline will revolve around Saitama, who is a superhero and can defeat anyone with his single punch. In Season 3, Saitama wants a competitor who has the same capabilities in comparison to him. This season will focus on Garou rather than the other characters. As per some of the sources, Saitama’s fight with Garou will be on an entirely different level, and he will not be able to conquer Garou with a single punch. Garou will most probably convert into a beast in this season.

Where to watch One Punch Man Season 3?

The episodes of One Punch Man 3 will be available on Netflix with English dubbing. It will also be available on the Hulu app with English subtitles.

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