Evangeline Lilly Earns Criticism from “Lost” co-star Maggie Grace for not Following Social Distancing Protocols

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We loved Evangeline Lily in Ant-Man and the Wasp as she vowed millions of fans with her smart, charming and funny persona with Scott Lang. She even further mesmerized fans with her small but pivotal role in Avengers: Endgame. However, Evangeline Lily lost much love from her fans and peers after she put up a controversial post quoting that she was not going to follow social distancing in the wake of the novel COVID-19 as she did not feel the need to panic.

She further goes on to say that the younger generation of folks will survive the apocalypse however, the vulnerable, and the immunocompromised older folks would be the ones to take notice. She even quotes on to say that everything is flowing normally in her house and that things are #BusinessAsUsual. Not commenting on Evangelina’s Right to Speech, her post on her Instagram handle garnered a lot of disconcerted looks.

The most notable person to perhaps criticize was Evangelina’s co-star of “Lost” Maggie Grace, as she called Evangelina out on her “controversial” comments. “Sure, it’s a free country, but how about choosing to exercise some of that wonderful freedom to have some compassion, trust the extensive science here and not overwhelm the health system,” she quoted.

“No doctor should have to choose which patients get life-saving care and which patients get sent home to die- the sort of triage that is happening in Italy right now? Think about how these small decisions affect your dad and those in your community as ventilators run out,” Grace wrote, referencing Lilly’s father she’s living with, who the actor says, “has stage four leukemia.”

While Evangelina might have been trying to persuade her fan-base to perhaps take the case of coronavirus seriously while keeping their day-to-day routine, she might have benefitted productively if she had chosen her words a tad more carefully. Whatever the case might be, Evangelina has certainly earned a bad-rep which might stick around for a while.

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