Re:Zero : More To Know About Episode 8!

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The second season of ‘Re: Zero’ has been very disappointing so far, but nevertheless impressive. Most fans would still remember that at one point it was just an Isekai with some glorious war of Waifu. Yet now, in season 2, the storyline is strong, emotional, and exciting in a rather unorthodox way. All that said, if you’ve been watching his second season all this time, here’s what you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Episode 8 Release Date

The 8th episode of ‘Re: Zero’ Season 2 is set for broadcast on 26 August 2020.

The second season of ‘Re: Zero’ is streaming on Crunchyroll with original Japanese recording and English subtitles. Whether you choose to stream the first season of ‘Re: Zero’ in English, you can find the translated versions on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VRV.  Its prequel film, titled ‘Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World –Frozen Bonds,’ is also available on Crunchyroll.


Despite the bright conclusion of season 1, ‘Re: Zero’ is moving down a very bleak road in season 2. Subaru has already helped to rescue his parents and had proposed to Emilia that he be kept back for a very long period. Yet as season 2 ends, the Witch cult starts to attack them again. So, if we equate Lye and Regulas to Betelgeuse, the two conveniently fade out in the light of their total strength. But if we make the same distinction between them and Crusch and Rem, they are far more effective. And when Lye and Regulas cross fatefully the paths of Crush and Rem, the result is horrible for the latter. Despite that, as the two sides are battling each other, Regular slashes Crush’s arm and totally removes it from his neck. So long so Rem is concerned, Lye uses her powers to strip away all her range. As a consequence, not only does Rem forget who she is, but nearly everyone has no recollection of her since this incident.

Unlike everyone else, Subaru, too, doesn’t take the details of the accident very well. Upon discovering that Crusch is still limbless and that Rem just knows her memory, he wants to solve it his own way — by traveling back in time. He kills himself, travels back in time, only to realize that there are certain things that he can never change. And then Subaru and the team felt powerless. Felis believes that much of this is Emilia’s fault, telling others to stay away from her and save the Witch’s group from following them. Yet for understandable causes, they take his suggestion with a grain of salt, but they do know that something has to be accomplished.

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