SpaceX Starlink : Stepping Into a New Era

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Bygone is the time of the cat race to conquer the world. Today it is about conquering the space. And one can conclude that Spacex is the one ahead. SpaceX Starlink is a concept devised by Spacex. It aims at providing Internet access to rural and remote areas. This is to be done by creating a constellation in space. By constellation, I mean, to create a vast link of satellites. This constellation is to be made in the form of small linked satellites. The aim is to provide fast and affordable internet.
A survey indicated that most of the people in remote areas have ISP at their disposal. ISP though, has improved but still is slow and the only option. And many places have no access to the internet. Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX President, said, “SpaceX Starlink . . . will cover all parts of the globe.” The total cost of the entire project is estimated to be $10 billion.

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How will this work?

Rural and remote areas face issues when it comes to the internet. For the required infrastructure is too expensive, and this is backed by many other problems. But SpaceX Starlink satellite will send the signal directly to receivers at the ground. That is much less infrastructure. And since these satellites are present in the LEO, the internet will be fast. (LEO – Low Earth Orbit).

Decreased Latency –

In the SATELLITE 2020 speech, Musk stated that Starlink would have 20ms latency. As for now, the latency is 75 millisecond. But what is latency? It is the time that a signal takes to travel from your device to ISP to the website server and back to you. This will happen due to the closer proximity of satellites. So the signal, in turn, will be sent and received rapidly.

Number of Starlinks –

There will be a total of 42,000 SpaceX Starlink satellites. Currently, there are 400 of them. Back on the ground, Spacex has started building stations. Six of them are made in California, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington, Washington, and Wisconsin.

How and Why is this worrying astronomers?

A recently compiled report of 250 experts started that SpaceX Starlink will overall alter the planet’s night sky. It will also affect stargazing and infrared astronomy. This is because of the growing number of LEOs will affect how we understand our cosmos. The satellites will disrupt the process of far gazing of faint objects. This is totally an unexpected outcome. But recent news says that satellite operators are aware and are working to solve the problem.

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