Cancellation of The Society Season 2 : Netflix shocks a major fan base

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If you have a germ for YA series (like me) you must have binged “The Society”. Considered as a modern take on ‘The Lord of Flies’, The Society is a story of a group of high school kids who set out for a field trip. But they couldn’t reach their aim and decides to return. On coming back the entire town is vacant. It is only them. What’s going on? Apparently, they are in a parallel universe. With sheer freedom at their disposal, it is interesting to witness their lives.

But first the bummer –

Back in July of 2019, Netflix gave a green signal for The Society season 2. It was supposed to be released this year in April. But due to Nobel coronavirus, it got delayed. Later this year, it was stated that shooting will resume from September. This news was also confirmed by the cast. Different members shared videos regarding the same. They also teased the expectations and talked about what all could happen. It was set to release in the spring of 2021.
But now it’s not happening. Yes! Netflix decided to leave all the fans hanging at the edge. This news broke out on August 21 via an official statement. Netflix further stated,
“We’re disappointed to have to make these decisions due to… and we are grateful to the creators including Jonathan Entwistle, Christy Hall, Shawn Levy…”
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Darn it, but why the cancellation?

Well, coronavirus has disrupted many things. And apparently, it too the reason behind the cancellation. Filming was set to start in March of 2020 but it was postponed. Apparently for 4-5 weeks. The pandemic resulted in hiking up the price of such a giant series. Not only the production but the additional cost of safety measures for such a huge cast caused the problem. Additionally,  the restrictions of the US filming department also played a part.
After the news, the cast did a group video chat. Kathryn shares the picture of the chat captioned as “My”.

Season 2: What it could have been?

The first season began with a certain tumult and confusion. But as the show moved on, it became a bit vivid. Though the mysteries were set in since the beginning.
The citizen of New Ham had to figure out what happened to them. But before that, it was about survival. Under the new leadership, everything felt like collapsing. None of the three leaders trusted each other. How will this triumvirate work? And then food was also running out and they had to soon begin farming.
But apart from this, there are plenty of other things going on. The solar eclipse occurred at the wrong time. The flipped coin never lands on heads. The certain smell. All this indicates that they are not on earth. Towards the end, we all witness a group of kids and adults.

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