Syfy Krypton Cancellation: Cancelled ? Cast , Plot and Release Date!

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Syfy’s Krypton was a superman universe Dc comic-based show. It canceled in 2019 after two successive seasons. Many comic-based shows were canceled at that time. But Syfy’s Krypton cancellation was quite a surprise to the viewers and fans. Because the cancellation news came just after the fabulous season 2. And Krypton cancellation news also leaves behind a lot of questions amid the viewers and fans. So here is every information regarding the cancellation.

Syfy Krypton Cancellation Reason

Syfy's Krypton cancellation
Syfy’s Krypton

Ratings are always the main reason for the cancellation of any show. And frankly, it was also the main reason for Syfy’s Krypton cancellation. Krypton ratings were low despite its critical appraise. And as we know ‘no ratings, no show’. So Krypton got cut off due to basically it’s low rating.

Krypton cancellation on Syfy's
Dc comic fandom

Syfy Krypton Cancellation And Ratings Of Season 1 And Season 2

Show in a link to Superman having a bad rating was a big surprise to everyone. They are wondering if Krypton really had bad ratings. So yeah Krypton season one got the average ratings close to 790,000. And season second finale got the average ratings close to 350,000. From the first to second season Syfy’s Krypton lost 54 percent of ratings and 48 percent.

Krypton cancellation
Kal-El in Krypton

Reason For The Bad Rating Of Syfy Krypton

Superman was the main selling point for the Krypton. And it also was the drowning point for Krypton. Because of the Krypton’s name, everyone thought it’s the show about Superman. But Spin-off is nothing about Superman. In fact, Krypton also doesn’t have any depiction of superpower and action like Dc Superman.

Plot Of Krypton

Krypton was the story of the grandfather of the Superman, Seg-EL. And Krypton wasn’t had any description of the Superman. It also wasn’t got a gripping storyline with great villains. Season two brought the Zor-EL to increase the ratings.

Return Of Krypton At Syfy

Krypton is not coming back for season 3. Krypton cancellation was final in 2019. And Krypton is gone for good. Because like other comic-based shows, it wasn’t got the fandom. Like Arrow, Titans, Gotham, Legends, and flash, Krypton is not good.

Krypton makers attempt to save the show wasn’t good enough. Amid the shows like Arrow and Flash, Krypton got no chance. Hopes of the loyal fans of Krypton get to broken. But to keep spirit there is a pool of comic-based shows. Amazing shows with a gripping storyline, amazing villain, and dose of superhero.

Shows like Arrow, Stargirl, Supergirl, Flash, Titans, and Umbrella Academy. So keep watching and keep reading.

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