Westworld Season 4: Everything you need to know

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Westworld is a dystopian show produced by HBO and created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The show was a major hit for the HBO just like its other shows including Games of Thrones and True Detective. Based upon a film of 1973 with the same name, this show gained a huge fan base. With all the appreciations and good reviews the show and after being the most-watched HBO original series managed to bag the 9 Prime Time Emmy Awards out of 43 nominations.

Jonathan Nolan said in an interview that the showrunners’ intentions are always to “reinvent itself every season”. He also quoted that the show has a plan and that they have stuck with the plan through the process. Said this he pushed away all the arguments that suggested that Westworld is striving something that is not in their original design. On the basis of this, we can guess that the fourth season is going to something different and breath-taking.

Season three of the show ended with lots of confusions for then viewers. We are here with some interesting details about the upcoming season of the show.

Westworld Season 4: A Different Aesthetic

Westworld season 4
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In the third season of the show, we saw a transition between both the style and plot of the show. And, that was quite interesting for everyone. Moving characters outside the titular park and into the “real world” was a big change for the show’s plot. Plus, we also saw some difference in its way of presentation. We witnessed a change in the pace of action and taking stylish risks.

While these changes received a mixed response from the audience, some of them were pleased by it while others were not. Though, the truth lies in the fact that the show is going to keep changing what the writers are capable of. Like venturing different aesthetics.

Westworld Season 4: Man In Back is going to Kill Everyone

Good news for all the Men In Black fans because he is going to make a comeback in host form.

Nolan quoted this in a panel for the Paley Centre for Media “William winds up becoming this thing a host that he is controlled for so long. And on a visceral level, I just can’t wait to watch Ed kill everyone.”

And, through this, he is obviously referring to our all-time favourite Man In Black.

Westworld Season 2: Return to the Parks

As the fourth season is going to be the final one too; we can expect the characters to return to the genesis of their story i.e. to the Westworld Park itself. This is also a strong point as the storyline regarding the park haven’t been resolved; and it’s safe to assume that Bernard and the others will return to that island.

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