Latest News On SpaceX: Performs Fire Test Of Starship SN6 Rocket Prototype, Crew Dragon Capsule Arrives In Florida

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SpaceX is an American manufacturer of aerospace devices. It also deals with the services of space transportation. The headquarters of this company is in Hawthorne, California. The founder of the company was Elon Musk in 2002. His goal was to reduce the cost of space transportation thereby enabling the colonization of Mars. Musk also wants to improve the reliability of the access to space and wishes to make space travel available for everyone. SpaceX develops several launch vehicles over the years. As per the latest news on SpaceX,  it successfully launches its Starship prototype. It was powered by Methane. There was a dummy sent by the company from its test facility in South Texas. After two days of this dummy test, the original spaceship came into play.

Latest News On SpaceX: Launches Latest Starship SN6 Rocket

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Starship prototype. Image Source: The Independent

SpaceX fires up its latest prototype of Starship rocket. There was a possible test flight this weekend and the vehicle was on track for it. The Starship SN6 rocket has a single raptor engine. On August 23, 2020, it barely roars during the trial of “Static Fire”. The trial takes place at the facilities of SpaceX in South Texas. Statis fires, while the vehicle is fixed to the ground, are common signs before a launch. The rocket intends on flying 150 meters above the ground this weekend. However, it will only happen if the Boca Chica area lifts up its road closure notifications.

The predecessor of SN6, SN5 makes a flight early this month. However, currently, it is preparing itself for further flights. Elon Musk confirms that it is being refurbished in the centers. If everything goes as per plan then the tests will pave way for humans on Mars. The company is also making ships for colonizing Mars. This is the long term goal of SpaceX. The final architecture will have two parts- The Starship that will be 160 feet. And the other one is known as Super Heavy. It is a giant rocket that will launch from Earth.

Crew Dragon Capsule Arrives In Florida

Rich search results on Google when searched for "SpaceX"
NASA Astronaut Mission. Image Source: Bloomberg

The company is preparing for its NASA Astronaut Mission. It will launch lat this October.  On August 18, the capsule reaches the International space station in Florida. It will launch its Crew-1 flight in late October. On August 21, NASA officially confirms this news. Earlier the spacecraft made trips from its Hawthrone base. However, now the company processes the aircraft at its Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral.

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