Overlord Season 4: Cast, Release Date and Plot Updates

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Overlord Season 4 is the fourth season of MMORPG game’s anime. It seems like a regular anime, however, once you get in, you can’t help but see how superior it is compared to other game-related animes. The anime premiered in 2015 distributed by Madhouse. The three seasons ran for thirteen episodes each. The anime is not only superior for its animation and the story but also for its musical melodies. The opening themes for all the seasons are given by OxT, and Myth & Roid band works its magic for the ending themes. If you have not heard these tunes, go listen to them asap. Kotaku reviews the anime by writing ‘magnificent power fantasy which brings up very relatable themes for anyone who has played the MMORPG before.’

It is a story of a character named Momonga who with others gets trapped in the Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game called Yggdrasil. The world of Yggdrasil is in their hands. Momonga adopts the name of ‘Overlord’ and starts ruling the people. However, in his game version’s personality, there are some modifications because he never hesitates to kill people. Further adopting the game name of Ainz Ooal Gown, he tries to protect the world of Nazarick. The story displays the psychology of a creature beyond ethical concerns.

Overlord season 5 ainz ooal gown
Merciless Ainz Ooal Gown

Overlord Season 4 plot

Overlord Season 4 will pick up where the third season ended. The story will continue showing the growth of Ainz and maybe he will adopt the role of the strongest leader ever. There is no doubt that he is becoming strong and with every passing day, he is also at the threat of others stealing his power away. He will survive his reign from the thorns planted by others. Maybe, we will see the real Momonga in the season.

We saw the Frost Dragons in the third season, so they are still on the lose and need to be defeated. In Overlord Season 4, we can see their defeat at Aniz’s hands. The sisters Negredo and Rubaredo may have a prominent role too as well. Overlord Season 4 will have the volume 10 as its adaptation.

Overlord Season 4 plot
Source: The Tech Education

The Cast to appear in Overlord Season 4

The cast of the anime is talented and can voice the emotions perfectly through their dialogues. So, we are hoping to see the same cast members in Overlord Season 4. Satoshi Hino will lend voice for Ainz Ooal Gown and Yumi Hara will come as Albedo. We will the voice of Masayuki Kato as Demiurge, Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear Bloodfallen, and Anastasia Munoz as Narbarel Gamma.

Overlord Season 4 cast
Overlord Cast–via YouTube

When will it premiere?

In 2019, the scriptwriter talked about Overlord Season 4 at Animagic in Germany. However, we did not get any information about the final date even from him. According to Anime Next Posts, the fourth season could happen at an official convention. If those are the plans, then we will see a convention when the COVID-19’s restrictions will lift off. So, we cannot expect the fourth season to come before 2021. We should not erase 2022 either. It all depends on the status of production in the pandemic.

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