McMafia Season 2: The cast, plot and release date.

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McMafia Season 2 is confirmed officially. this comes as good news for all the James Norton fans. Keep reading to know full details about the expectation about the plot and the cast of McMafia Season 2.

McMafia is a British crime drama TV series by the creators Hossein Amini and James Watkins on BBC One. It premiered in the United Kingdom on January 1, 2018, and in the United States on AMC on February 26, 2018. It has a 7.7 IMDb rating for its first season. The main highlight of the show is undoubtedly talented James Norton. The plot of the series is an amalgamation of all sorts of crime drama project. It has a storyline like Godfather’s, with Russian bent, plus the legendary James Bond touch as well. The show is not a one-man show. It involves stories of other characters within the story. So, if you go in with expectations of falling in love, you will come out with love, for sure!

McMafia is an amazing story of the world shadow economy based on Mischa Glenny’s book McMafia: Seriously Organised Crime. It is a story of Alex Godman who lives with the Russian mafia but is trying to live discreetly and have a legit business of his own. He tries to have a successful relationship with his girlfriend, Rebecca. But, when a murder reveals his family’s past, he is forced to go into his mafia roots. There, he tries to protect everything he loves while fighting to stay afloat.

McMafia Season 2 updates
Source: The New York Times

When will McMafia Season 2 premiere?

BBC One has commissioned the show for a second season. According to the BBC, McMafia Season 1 drew over seven million viewers across the world. So, it was a matter of time when the BBC renewed the show. However, the date of its premiere or information about its schedule is still not out, so we can’t say much about it. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule seems to slow down further.

Watch this video to know what James Norton knows about the second season’s status.

The plot of McMafia Season 2

Season 1 was influential even in UK law and legislation. UK government drafted a new law that allows the foreign assets annexation if they cannot prove their legality. In the first season, we saw Alex Godman being lured into the world of corruption and crime. It ended with him sealing a deal with some criminals to overflow European markest with heroin.

Season 2 can show the tracking of Alex in the criminal underworld and how will he handle it all. Will he become an underworld Don or will he see his doom? We can also addition of some new characters and see an altogether new storyline. The first season aired for eight episodes, so we will likely see eight episodes in McMafia Season 2 as well.

Who will you see in the second season?

McMafia Season 2 cast
Source: Deadline

There has been no news about the cast. So, if the previous arc follows, we will see James Norton as thee lead Alex Godman. We will see Juliet Rylance as his girlfriend Rebecca Harper, Aleksey Serebryakov as his father Dimitri Godman, and David Denick as his uncle Boris Goodman. We cannot forget Faye Marsay who will play the role of Alex’s sister.

The Guardian reported that the second season will have more American feel. Paul Webb will write the season and it will be shot on American soil. Currently, the production has not gone forward so if we see the makers starting the work by this year’s end, we can get the season soon. Till then, you can catch the first season on Amazon Prime


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