The Sandman Season 1: All The Latest Updates On Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

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The Sandman is a comic series written by Neil Gaiman. The publisher for this book is DC. However, it is exciting for the fans to know that the comic book is coming with The Sandman season 1. The writer was waiting for this to turn into a series for long. It turns out that his dream is finally coming true. Over 30 years there have been several adaptations for this series. But none have successfully attempted to complete it. Makers often find it difficult to create a massive fantastical scope. They also stumble over the narrative style and philosophical complexity. However, Gaiman seems to have found the perfect financial and creative match. It is Netflix and David Goyer. So Sandman is finally coming as a series and here is everything you should know.

The Sandman Season 1 Release Date

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The Sandman season 1 is coming on Netflix. Image Source:Honk News

There is no official release date for TheSandman season 1 as of now. This is because the series is still in its early stages of development. In April, Gaiman posts in his Tumblr, “We have got everything ready for production”. However, due to the coronavirus situation worldwide, all productions are currently on hold. The series also faces the wrath of coronavirus. The more complete timeline is still to come so we just need to wait. However, it will be available on Netflix.

Gaiman writes, “The script for the first season is written. We have hired directors and the casting is also done and sets are being built. So as soon as the world allows dramas and Tv shows, Sandman will move forward. As of now, we are using the time successfully to make our script better”. However, fans are really excited to see their favorite comic come as a series. But since the entire entertainment industry is under shut down, we will just have to wait for any other updates.

Cast And Characters

Sandman is the character of the DC comics. As of the cast, there is no official confirmation. Since it is too early for the project there are no revelations for the cast just yet. However, for the characters, we can see our favorite DC characters onboard. We will definitely see Batman as one of the most prominent characters of the series. Martian Mahunter and Green Lantern will follow. It is also uncertain about other characters to show up.

The Sandman Season 1 Plot

Rich search results on Google when searched for "The Sandman season 1"
The project is still under development. Image Source: World Top Trend

The series will profoundly follow the story of the DC comic book. The story revolves around Morpheus, also known as Entity Dream. Morpheus has six siblings collectively known as the Endless. The Endless are not Gods, but they are immortal. So we can expect the story to be about supernaturals and superhumans. Netflix orders for 10 episodes and the creative team is planning to use two volumes of the comic.

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