Is America Secretively Still Racist? Let Us Dive Deep In To Know More

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Racism is a hot topic that the whole world is dealing with. It is a global problem, but some parts of the world have a more stern concept than others. The US is one such nation where racism spreads its wings wide. There have been stories where the US police are calling over Black Americans for just being black. Racism in America is unique. But is America Secretively Still Racist? Let us know a little bit more about this topic.

Racism In America

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Racism in America. Image Source: Harvard Business Review

Ever since the colonial era, racism in America exists. Not only just words but racism in America practically involves practices and laws to discriminate. While most White Americans enjoy all the legal and social privileges, others are deprived of it. European Americans enjoy privileges in terms of immigration, citizenship, education, voting rights, and others. However, African Americans face restrictions on social, political, and economic freedoms. It has been years since this practice prevails and it feels like it is going to continue for years more. Along with discriminations, Native Americans even face massacres, forced removals, and genocides.

However, in the mid-twentieth century, formal racism was legally banned. As per perception, it became morally and socially unacceptable. But still, racial politics continues to be a major phenomenon. Also, socio-economic inequalities prove that racism still continues to live and breed in America. As per researches, several pieces of evidence prove racial discrimination continues to exist in modern US society. Some sectors of discrimination include politics, business, housing, health, economy, criminal justice, and media. As per Humans Rights Network and United Nations, “discrimination in the US permeates all aspects of life. It expends to all communities of color”.

Is America Secretively Still Racist? The Corporate World

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Is America secretively still racist"
Black executives in the corporate world. Image source:

Blacks in the American corporate world feels practically invisible. They feel marginalized which makes it difficult for them to be authentic to their jobs. In the corporate world there lies subtle racism that is visible when black workers are overlooked for promotions. As per studies black workers are not given managerial positions and this creates an unsettling workspace. The studies also found that African Americans need to work very hard to prove themselves. Starting from Millenials to people nearing retirement it is difficult for all of them. However, the barriers are largely invisible to white professionals.

Researches And Evidences

There was a study known as Being Black In Corporate America: An Intersectional Exploration. As per this study, black professional represents only 0.8% of the Fortune’s 500 CEO. Pooja Jain-Link, one of the top researchers fro this study makes a statement. She says,

“Blacks make up to 10% of the graduates in America. Seeing the statistics you might think there are 50 black CEOs. But to be honest, there are only 4”.

African Americans make only 3.2% of senior managerial positions and executives. Almost 58% of blacks feel racism in their job places. Black Millenials in the US of at least 38% says they are going to leave their jobs and start their own company.

There are several pieces of evidence showing racism still exists. As per Jain-Link,

“These are just reflections of systematic racism that still exists. There has to be self-audit. There is a lot to be done. The country that we live within perpetuates prejudice and racism”.

Black Professionals making up to 65% find it difficult to advance in their jobs. They feel looked down upon and prejudiced. Adding to this, certain jobs specifically mention they need people with native accents or coming from white origin. No matter how much experience the black professionals have, it is never enough to get through the pool of white Americans. White counterparts often project the high value and are beneficial for companies.

Is America Secretively Still Racist? Black Lives Matter

Rich search results on Google when searched for "Is America secretively still racist"
Black Lives Matter protests. Image Source: Nobel Women’s Initiative

Black Lives Matter” is a movement after the alleged death of George Floyd. The whole of America is now pledging for changes. Even corporate giants step in to combat systematic racism. But the track records of these companies show some other picture. These companies often stop or abolish any opportunities for change. But when it comes to participating in protests they can often kneel down. This became a statement when   Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase was kneeling in front of the largest bank in the US. This gave rise to enough controversies.

Y-Vonne Hutchinson, founder, and chief executive of ReadySet make a statement on this. She says,

“There is a lot of performance going around. Nobody is asking for a CEO to kneel. You kneel after you change your policies”.

Retail firms, finance, and tech firms are also offering their support for this protest movement. This movement aims at changes and giving equal importance to black lives and their livelihood. The major corporations are in the fear of losing their customers and employees. After this movement, the corporations are finding it forceful to revise their policies in terms of hiring promotion and pay. The movement might be a turning point for racial equality.

The Corporate World To Denounce Racism

The death of George Floyd made several companies reach out to social media. They were denouncing discrimination while professing commitments towards racial justice. Ever since the protests in 2014, public opinion on racial equity and policing faces distinctive changes. However, activists and diversity consultants argue that the companies will have to do much more than just participate in the protest. In order to serve racial equity, there should be equal opportunities for black workers. They should enjoy the same privileges as white professionals in all sectors. These include finance, tech, and even board membership. Despite years of public profile, only 4% of America’s top executives are black. In 2019 the number of senior executives fall from 8% to 3.5%.

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